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You´ll never work alone

No one has as much experience handling your product as you do. Think about what could happen if you combined that experience with the perspective of the people that built it. As a product manufacturer, get us on your side as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for your continuous improvement process. Work hand in hand with us as a process partner.

Take a glance at your advantages:

  1. Focus your capacities fully on your core competence
  2. Increase your plant availability and reliability
  3. Support your team with knowledge transfer from our experienced experts
  4. Ensure optimal performance and operational efficiency in your packing process
  5. Have your packing plant operated, maintained and serviced long-term with foresight


So that you can concentrate fully on your core competence!

The main purpose and core competence of your business is product manufacturing and sales. With our Operation & Maintenance approach, we help you achieve your shipping goals - with stable operation and at the targeted quality. You determine the scope of our services and the duration. Together with your team, our experts will analyze the current state of your packing plant and develop an individual program. The range for the continuous optimization of your added value can range from production support to training and the further education of your employees, to monitoring and through to the complete assumption of operational responsibility for the entire packing plant. With this offer, we´ll close very specific gaps in your process and ensure the continuous improvement of your packing area.


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We will lend a hand!

We are there for you, on site, in the daily work and support your team as long as necessary.



We will work hand in hand!

We operate your packing plant with our personnel, keep your plant up to date with regular maintenance and replacement of spare parts and ensure that your plant always offers full performance.


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We will be your hand!

We run your packing plant and take care of everything – according to your needs. In addition to regular service and maintenance, we also take care of all spare and wear parts as well as consumables.


Two people in protective clothing looking out of a building while standing on a railing. Two people in protective clothing looking out of a building while standing on a railing. Two people in protective clothing looking out of a building while standing on a railing.
We handle everything from long-term production support to complete operational responsibility for your entire packing plant.

Our common 6 steps to your customized Operation & Maintenance solution from HAVER & BOECKER:

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In order to get a detailed overview, we listen carefully to you and your team and ask specific questions, until we have a clear picture of all your framework conditions, the task, your expectations and your goals.

img-17333 img-17333 img-17333


Based on your expectations and your framework conditions, we develop the concept for the tailor-made solution to fulfill the task and achieve your goals.

img-17342 img-17342 img-17342


The services and the handover points for the desired solution are specified, calculated and presented in a technical-commercial offer.

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We agree on our mutual expectations in a partnership and contractual cooperation. We keep our commitments at every stage of the project and document the fulfillment.

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With the commissioning of your new plant, we take over the agreed responsibility step by step. If your plant is already in operation, we will ensure a safe handover up to the agreed contractual scope during this phase, if desired.

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With this date, we support the operation of your packing plant according to the contractually agreed scope.

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