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Typical of our work at Haver & Boecker is the high level of vertical integration with which we manufacture products for customers in very different industries. That's why there's a wide variety of work areas in our company where individual skills and interests are in demand. Discover our wide range of application possibilities here.

Apprenticeship and further education

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Our HAVER Academy bundles all educational activities related to apprenticeship and further training of our employees, customers, cooperation partners and externally interested parties.

During training, we accompany young employees on their successful start into the world of work. Our continuing education program provides participants with needs-oriented preparation for future challenges. In the context of our specialization courses, we provide an individual training program for our service technicians.

Own tool and machine building

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We regularly manufacture products for our customers that go beyond the existing standard. Many of our solutions and technologies are so special and individual that new tools and devices are required for their production.

That's why the following has been true for us for decades: from looms to special machines to interlinked production lines, we equip our production facilities with machines designed and built in-house . This is how we ensure everything works exactly as we imagine it.


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Complex fabric solutions and packaging machines are created every day in our wire weaving mill and in our machine factory. Our aim is to keep as many production steps as possible in our own hands. In this way, we maintain the greatest possible independence - and our customers appreciate us as a partner who provides them with everything from a single source.

Countless experts in our production areas ensure that we can guarantee this high level of vertical integration today and in the future. Would you like to support us with your expertise?

Finance and controlling

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In Finance and Controlling you can expect a wide range of diverse and challenging tasks which form the basis for the financial management of our company. As financial experts, we support the identification and assessment of risks – and thus ensure that our corporate goals are achieved. As controllers, we are in direct contact with the departments, plan budgets and resources, and monitor compliance with them. Moreover, we prepare economic calculations, analyze results and derive recommendations for our colleagues.

Research and Development

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Our great enthusiasm for innovation is one of the reasons why we are active today as a technology leader and trendsetter on all five continents of the world. This innovative spirit is particularly evident in our Research and Development department. This is where we create smart technologies and clever solutions are created that push the boundaries of what is possible, time and again. Creative minds who are ahead of their time work here. They think one step ahead and often make the seemingly impossible possible.

Industrial Internet of Things

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The "Internet of Things" encompasses all possibilities of linking devices and objects to the Internet. This is not only gaining importance in the private sphere, but also influences industry. This is how the "Industrial Internet of Things", or IIOT for short, has developed in recent years. We use IIOT, for example, with our self-developed QUAT²RO® monitoring system. This technology records the performance data of our machines so that our customers can monitor their machine status while on the move at any time. 


IT at Haver & Boecker means: numerous opportunities in an exciting and varied work environment.
Our IT experts play a decisive role in the digital transformation and provide impetus for new technologies and services. As an internal service provider, we support colleagues worldwide in the use of the latest IT technologies and ensure the daily operation of IT systems.


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"Is that feasible?" If you understand this popular customer question not as a simple question, but as an order, then you are in exactly the right place in our Design department. Because this is where we develop technical system and detail drawings on modern 3D CAD systems, which form the starting point for many of our customized products.     


For the most clever idea, the most innovative woven wire solution and the smartest packing machine to conquer the international markets, one basic prerequisite must first be met: those "out there" need to know that these technologies exist at all. That's exactly our job! And we use a wide variety of channels to do so: target group-specific online and offline publications, simple and elaborate moving image productions, international trade fairs and events.

Join our team and make sure the world learns how versatile wire mesh fabric is and how highly complex production processes come into Perfect Flow.

Human Resources

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The starting point for the success of our company is motivated employees and managers. Our job is to find exactly these. In addition to recruiting the right employees, we ensure the framework conditions for a trusting and responsible cooperation.

We continuously support the professional development of the entire workforce with individual concepts throughout the employment period. It goes without saying that we provide continuous advice to all employees and managers on organizational, labor law and other issues.


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Do you have the idea of service anchored in your DNA? So do we!
Our service is available worldwide to all clients individually and locally. Our services include the assembly and commissioning of machines and systems, repairs and hotline support - wouldn't that be something for you too?


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Our aim in sales is clear: to find the best solution for our customers and to provide them with customized solutions.
We fulfil this claim, among other things, through our immediate proximity to our customers: with over 50 subsidiaries and 150 agencies spread across all continents . Our sales team combines excellent commercial skills with technical expertise - could this be something for you?

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