• Filter media made of wire mesh
    Precise, clean, efficient

Metal filter mesh

When the highest demands apply

For the mechanical separation of solid-liquid or solid-gaseous mixtures, filter media are used which have to meet different requirements depending on the application and function. High precision is a fundamental requirement for most cases in almost all industries for downstream processes.

Equally elementary is the greatest possible and reliable efficiency for the reproducibility of processes and substances, safe function and speed as well as optimum product quality. Metal filter mesh from Haver & Boecker offer properties that can reliably meet these challenges.

NASA Apollo astronaut badge NASA Apollo astronaut badge NASA Apollo astronaut badge
NASA Apollo astronaut badge

Into space with MINIMESH® filter mesh

Unimagined possibilities

MINIMESH® filter meshes have been used for filtration for more than 100 years. They conquered space as early as 1954 with NASA's aerospace programme. At that time, Haver & Boecker developed these filter meshes which were subject to the highest demands in terms of accuracy and effectiveness of filtration. They ensured the smooth functioning of the control systems and engines with their filter units, which had previously been considered impossible. They took part in all Apollo flights, proved themselves in the space shuttle and beyond in civil aviation to this day.

Your application determines the filter medium

Surface, depth and cross-flow filtration are elementary filtration applications for MINIMESH® filter meshes. As if that were not enough, they are also used for your more advanced applications:

  • Fluidisation
  • Drying processes
  • Screening
  • Thermal, electronic and acoustic applications

MINIMESH® filter meshes are suitable for all common processing and converting methods. In this way, we can offer you appropriately equipped filter meshes for every application, so that you achieve an optimum result.


Our filter mesh finder

Tell us your application - we will show you the ideal filter mesh.

Drinking water MINIMESH® S SPW Single Plain Dutch Weave, MINIMESH® S DTW Dutch Twilled weave
Ballast water MINIMESH® S RPD Reverse Plain Dutch Weave
Hydraulic oil MINIMESH® S SPW Single Plain Dutch Weave
Plastic extrusion MINIMESH® S SPW Single Plain Dutch Weave, MINIMESH® BMT/BMT-ZZ Broad Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave, MINIMESH® S TRD Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave
Gas exploration MINIMESH® S SPW Single Plain Dutch Weave. MINIMESH® S DTW Dutch Twilled weave
Oil Exploration MINIMESH® S RPD Reverse Plain Dutch Weave, MINIMESH® S TRD Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave
Lightning and noise protection systems MINIMESH® S SPW Single Plain Dutch Weave
Blood plasma MINIMESH® S DTW Dutch Twilled weave
Flue gas MINIMESH® BMT/BMT-ZZ Broad Mesh Twilled Dutch Weave
  • Macro photo shot; a filter braid illuminated with blue light; the glass bead test

MINIMESH® S metal filter fabric

Fast, safe and efficient

Compared to other filter media, the specific properties of a wire mesh fabric can be precisely described and defined geometrically by weave type, wire diameter and mesh count. This is a significant advantage for you as a user and manufacturer of metal mesh filters, as the geometric pore size and permeability can be calculated precisely.

Using new theoretical calculation methods, we have further developed the proven MINIMESH® metal filter mesh fabric into the filter braids generation MINIMESH® S.

MINIMESH® S filter braids have an optimised pore size geometry. These precision pores and the flow-optimised fabric structure result in increased selectivity and flow performance.

With a view to your individual requirements, this means: We can optimally design filter fabrics in advance and produce them directly to fit the respective system design - without any complex measurement technology and cost-intensive tests in advance.

img-6937 img-6937 img-6937

Properties and advantages at a glance:

  • A high flow rate thanks to a flow-optimised fabric structure
  • Optimum selectivity: glass bead-tested precision pores
  • Energy efficiency thanks to a low pressure loss
  • Precisely predeterminable filter properties even after processing and in extremely shaped areas
  • Safe further processing
  • Long filter life: easy cleaning and a low blockage tendency
  • A high mechanical strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Wettability  
  • Resistant to chemicals and physical influences

Verification of these properties is carried out in cooperation with the Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering, IMVT.

Would you like to know more?

Here you will find more detailed information on MINIMESH® S metal filter fabrics: with pore size ranges, properties, materials and typical applications.

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