• Weaving ideas
    Developing customised solutions

Innovation and process management

Weaving ideas – this is what we are committed to in order to meet your end product requirements. In doing so, we use the wide range of tried-and-test products and develop new solutions for your special tasks.

Your requirement – our expertise and experience

The common solution

Your requirements meet the expertise and experience of our employees in the production and handling of wire cloth. Together with you, we create new, customised products.

In addition, the engineers, technicians and skilled workers in our research and development department refine wire weaving technology, develop and improve production methods and quality assurance continuously. This is documented by numerous patents and utility models, among other things.

We cooperate with universities, universities of applied sciences and other institutions. This allows us to accelerate and improve the development processes and expand the product range.

An illuminated light bulb symbolizes creativity An illuminated light bulb symbolizes creativity An illuminated light bulb symbolizes creativity

Creative on all levels and in all areas

Introducing and realising ideas together

Everything that optimises our processes and makes them safe also benefits your products. The basis for continuous optimization of our processes and products is our process management with the objective of introducing and realising ideas together.

It promotes the continuous search for improvements and hidden potential, which our employees always find on all levels and in all areas.

This gives rise to ideas and solutions that can be implemented directly and contribute to sustainable production.

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Woven Media and Post Weaving Processes
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