With us you´re always on the safe side

You care about the health and safety of your team. You want to provide a safe work environment, especially when operating machines. Check and evaluate your plants!

Your advantages at a glance:

  1. You´re on the safe side
  2. Protect your employees
  3. Provide your team with a reliable health and safety standard
  4. They comply with national regulations and guidelines
  5. Motivate your team with up-to-date advanced training and education

Safety engineering + explosion protection

Let´s work together to ensure safe conditions in your production area: With you we´ll evaluate the status quo with you, develop all necessary security standards based on legal requirements and implement them together.

Die offizielle CE-Kennzeichnung Die offizielle CE-Kennzeichnung Die offizielle CE-Kennzeichnung

With these services, we ensure safe and reliable machines and protected employees at all times

We advise you on the conversion and modernisation of existing systems and develop safety concepts for the planning and commissioning of new systems.

Are your plants and machines safe? We check and evaluate them.

We undertake the risk assessment that you, as a manufacturer and distributor of machinery and equipment in Europe (EEA), are obliged to carry out in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

We test and evaluate your machinery and equipment according to national regulations.

Explosion protection is a sensitive, complex topic and is subject to constant change. We work with you to ensure correct implementation, because human lives can depend on it.

We make your design, sales and service teams fit with regard to machine safety or explosion protection. Our seminars cover the topics:

  • Fundamentals of explosion protection
  • Dust explosion protection for advanced users
  • Machinery directives and the CE marking

We always agree the contents of our training courses with you individually in advance and will be happy to supplement them with application-specific content if required.

Sound measurement

Do you know if your employees who are exposed to noise that can impact or even damage their health? Find out with a sound protection measurement!


With calibrated and gauged Class 1 sound level meters, we determine the actual acoustic condition of your machines and systems on site. Of course, we fulfil all requirements according to relevant standards (e.g. EN 9614-2, EN ISO 11203).

Possible areas of application for sound measurements:

  • Measurement of machine and/or plant-related emissions data (sound radiation)
  • Determination of sound pressure and sound power levels
  • Measurement of machine and/or plant-related emmissions data (sound impact)
  • Frequency analysis for evaluating sound values (12.5Hz-20kHz)

Your result: You see in black and white whether you should better protect your team and can derive suitable noise protection measures. Use the recordings of the sound insulation measurement also as verification documentation for your risk assessment.

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