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Clever solutions to protect our environment

Climate change is a huge challenge that we can best meet by acting sustainably together. At Haver & Boecker, we do just that – in two dimensions: in our own value chain, a modern environmental management system ensures sustainable action throughout. At the same time, many of our products serve to ensure sustainable protection of our environment and limited use of resources in very different areas.  

Water management

The Norwegian start-up Renasys has made it its mission to transform water filtration and wastewater treatment. A newly developed, innovative filtration system removes 99% of dirt particles and suspended matter over 5 microns in size from the water. With our strategic partnership, we support Reansys and contribute to making the world cleaner. The start-up uses our MINIMESH® RPD-HIFLO S filter weave for its proprietary particle filtration system, which ensures that 99% of wastewater particles over 5 microns are removed.


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Environmental protection and safety

Screens for the recycling industry

When it comes to environmental protection, there is no way around recycling and waste management – because: The more raw materials and materials we recycle, the fewer resources we consume.

A central process in the reprocessing of used materials is screening. With us, you will find the right screen sections for your plant – for example, for recycling soils, building  and  and demolition materials, general waste, glass or e-waste (e.g. cable residues).

Filter media made out of stainless steel mesh have also proven to be ideal for the extrusion of plastic melts due to their high strength and chemical resistance.

Recycling of different materials Recycling of different materials Recycling of different materials
A view from space symbolizes Planet Blue A view from space symbolizes Planet Blue A view from space symbolizes Planet Blue

Planet Blue

Resource-saving solutions for sustainable processes

To slow down global warming, we must work together to sustainably reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Let us not just start tomorrow, but now! For example, by better protecting our elaborately manufactured products and conserving our resources such as raw materials, energy and labour. Let us reuse and recycle the many packages we use more than ever.

For more sustainable processes in your production and for your customers, we offer packaging and filling technologies that use clever palletising and loading technology to enable loss-free delivery of products and protect the product from loss until it is used. This limits CO2 emissions to the absolute minimum and avoids wasting resources. With our silo, mixing and processing technologies, we offer further technology-specific and resource-saving solutions.

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Straightforward sustainable business practices and careful use of energy and resources start with the procurement of materials. As well as quality, particular attention is paid here to stability and durability.
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Soil samples

Determination of the particle size distribution Determination of the particle size distribution Determination of the particle size distribution

Determination of soil parameters

For non-cohesive soils, the exact particle size distribution can be determined with the aid of sieve analysis. Standardised test sieves made according to DIN ISO 3310 are a prerequisite here so that the soils can be classified.

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