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The base

Our institute for your success

Our HAVER & BOECKER Institute is the place where we bring our packing triangle to life. Here we take such a close look at your product so that we can define the ideal machine technology on the basis of the results, and then design the packaging or screening media to fit it precisely.

Product, packaging or screening media and machine technology form the foundation for your efficient process as a fixed but multivariable unit. If you change one element, it always requires changes to the other components and variables of influence. In our institute, and also via a digital direct connection, we offer our customers the opportunity to have precisely these dependencies extensively tested for market maturity, to identify follow-up effects and to drive optimizations.


For us, the HAVER & BOECKER Institute here in Oelde is also an important interface between sales, R&D, the design departments, the HAVER Academy and personnel development. As early as 2009, HAVER & BOECKER founded an affiliated institute of the Freiburg University of Mining and Technology for mineral processing technology.


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In our new institute, we are now pooling our decades of practical experience and extensive findings from various laboratory and field trials. Based on this expertise, together with our technicians and engineers, you’ll have the chance to respond immediately to new or future requirements together with our technicians and engineers and quickly offer your customers innovative solutions.


Filling powdered products Filling powdered products Filling powdered products
Optimum packing of powder-type products

Order your bag packaging norms

How strong must bags be to withstand transport? What grammage is needed to secure strength, while achieving good profits? Which paper secures good runability?

Together with BillerudKörsnas we can now offer a set of recommendations to maximize performance in your packaging chain.

Order your bag packaging norms here.

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