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Together we ensure your perfect flow

How we bring your products into the perfect flow

When it comes to industrial processing of bulk goods and liquid products, there’s always one key question: How do we ensure a steady, reliable, trouble-free, clean and efficient material flow? Whether it's selecting the optimum screening media, filling or packaging your product with the perfect filling technology and the right speed in the optimum packaging, or designing and controlling your complete product and work flow – you’re always looking for the perfect flow.

"Flow" is the most important part of our DNA. And because this task is part of our innermost core, we know the answer.

In everything we do, we make things flow

The perfect flow only succeeds if we consider it step by step and holistically. That is why we advise you multidimensionally – based on our flow triangle: Product, packaging, screening media or machine technology. We analyze your product in detail, define the ideal technology based on results and design the order unit or screening media to fit it precisely. Always in focus: Your requirements for performance, cleanliness and weight accuracy.

This breadth and depth of expertise is unparalleled. Our experts at the HAVER & BOECKER institute and our technology subsidiaries have assessed and analyzed over 20,000 products to date. A true wealth of experience that is also invaluable for your perfect flow.

It was important to us to use a combination of the market-leading technology brands for our value chain in the areas of packaging, palletizing and loading. HAVER & BOECKER convinced us with an individual complete solution for the turnkey project.
Marc Beuten – SABIC Project Manager

That is what matters!

The unique combination of crucial skills for successfully handling your products

We know your product down to the smallest detail. Why? Because we precisely determine all the parameters of your product that are relevant to the process.

We screen or agglomerate your product effectively and efficiently according to your specifications so that it is ideally prepared for further processing steps.

We store your powder according to your needs: from large-capacity silos to steel silos to small storage bins.

We know and determine the right delivery aids and conveying elements for each product in order to feed your product safely and stably to the further process steps.

We mix your products reproducibly and know how to prevent segregation in subsequent processes.

We bring your product safely and gently into the order unit: accurate to weight, fast and clean. For this purpose, we use the dosing element optimised for your application.

We package or fill your product optimally, regardless of whether it is powder, granulate or liquid, by perfectly adapting and monitoring the process to the measured and analysed parameters of the order unit.

We handle your explosive products safely because we know and are proficient in the legal requirements and take them into account in the process.

We design machines and plants for your food or pharmaceutical products according to the EHEDG Guidelines (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group).

We carefully place your bags on the pallet. Here, we make effective use of the space and weight-optimised. For safe transport.

We automate the transfer of your bulk goods based on your individual framework conditions: Order units in all forms, from bulk loading to palletless and pallet loading.

You have your product safely under control because we enable you to control and monitor your process safely and intelligently using the decisive parameters by means of our digitalisation and automation technology.

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