• THE RADIMAT®: For your packaging line of the future!
    The RADIMAT®
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For your packaging line of the future!

The demands for a reduction in manufacturing costs, an increase in profitability, clean filling and a consistently high quality are continuously rising, certainly also in your market. Very important: improving effectiveness must not come at the expense of the environment and the employee health. The solution you should equip your workflow with: the RADIMAT® by HAVER & BOECKER.

Five good reasons why you should choose a RADIMAT®:

  1. You benefit from extremely fast amortization
  2. You maximize the output of your packaging line
  3. You optimize the health and safety standard for your team
  4. You increase your application rate
  5. You become more flexible as the machine can handle any valve bag

How the RADIMAT® works

The RADIMAT® is loaded with empty valve bags from a bundle or from a roll. It shoots the bags onto the filling spouts of the packaging machine mechanically with a maximum output of 6,000 bags/hour, and adapts to their speed. The packing process thus becomes independent of the work quality of the machine operator - you can fully exploit the maximum performance of the packaging machine.

The RADIMAT® is equipped with an MEC® 4.0 control system as standard.

Machine details of the RADIMAT® from Haver & Boecker Machine details of the RADIMAT® from Haver & Boecker Machine details of the RADIMAT® from Haver & Boecker

The RADIMAT® consists of the bag placing device and the empty bag feeder. The empty bag magazine holds 225 to 2000 empty bags, depending on the required output and the length designed for it. With a turntable between the empty bag magazine and the bag placing device, the system gives you greater flexibility, especially if you retrofit our RADIMAT® for your rotary packer. Alternatively, you can use an empty bag roller system also as a double roller magazine with up to 4,000 bags per roller.

Employees standing next to the RADIMAT® from Haver & Boecker. Employees standing next to the RADIMAT® from Haver & Boecker. Employees standing next to the RADIMAT® from Haver & Boecker.

The RADIMAT® is suitable for rotating systems for packaging a wide variety of bulk materials with different specific weights. We’ve specifically designed the automatic bag applicator to handle a wide range of bag types with different dimensions:


Glued sacks / box valve sacks:

  • Single or multi-ply paper bags 
  • Single or multi-ply woven WPP bags 
  • Film bags


Sewn bags / pillow valve bags with or without a gusset:

  • Single or multi-ply paper bags
  • Composite bags made out of fabric and paper layers glued together
  • Highly flexible single-layer fabric bags of low-grade quality (usually found in India and China).
There’s simply no better way to improve profitability, performance and health and safety standards in your packing plant than to install a fully automatic bag applicator.
Klaus Siewecke, Head of HAVER Service Support

More than a thousand words

Configure your RADIMAT® in two steps:

Step 1 - Choose your speed

The RADIMAT® is available in two versions: NC (nominal power) and HC (high power). Depending on the material your empty valve bag is made of, the RADIMAT® is equipped with different opening mechanisms.

Step 2 - Choose your options

  • Intelligent lighting system for visual indication of the operating modes - operation / error / maintenance
  • Scan the empty bag to automatically make pre-programmed settings in the complete packing system

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