Plants and systems

Uncompromising solutions for your processes

Nothing is more important to your success than your own product and workflow. Therefore, don´t compromise when it comes to your packing process: Make sure your systems and equipment are designed to meet the specifications of your products, not the other way around.

Don´t rely on a generalist to deliver your systems and equipment as cheaply as possible, but rather on a family of specialists to get the job done as profitably as possible. 

Make sure your vision turns into reality with us

  1. You´ll receive an absolutely individual system - tailor-made, a custom-fit, on schedule and cost-efficient
  2. You´ll get everything from one good source: one contact = fewer interfaces = less project risk
  3. You´ll optimize your costs for the right equipment, including installation and service.
  4. Coordinated technologies and services create maximum plant efficiency.
  5. Our direct and immediate expertise from A-Z ensures the quality of your results.


The HAVER & BOECKER Smart Plant

Your configurable space miracle with high-quality standard equipment

Compact, cost-effective, quickly available and above all: powerful from its capacity to weight accuracy and cleanliness. With the Smart Plant, Haver & Boecker is serving a highly attractive and market-oriented development. The innovative Smart Plant offers you a modern and precisely fitting packing solution: the well-known high-quality standard equipment in a compact and space-saving layout with a high standard of occupational safety. Thanks to the standardized, pre-configured concept, Smart Plant is particularly cost-effective to manufacture and operate, quickly available and installed. At the same time it´s extremely flexible thanks to its modular design.

The high-quality standard for the entire process is a filling system from Haver & Boecker - perfectly combined with the matching, fully automatic bag applicator and supplemented with all the necessary equipment. We take responsibility for the entire system and combine the perfectly coordinated individual machines as well as all necessary energy supply systems such as electricity and compressed air needed for operation.

On request, we can make your Smart Plant intelligent: Take advantage of automation and monitoring of all devices. Put project organization, project management, installation and commissioning and after-sales service in our hands and continue to concentrate on your competences.

Does the plant project have a larger scale? We design your individual financing.


  • Storage bin
  • Shut-off and dosing gate valve with a blower
  • Bucket elevator
  • Screw conveyor
  • Original packing machine from HAVER & BOECKER - the ROTO-PACKER RVTs 8
  • Original fully automatic bag applicator from HAVER & BOECKER - the RADIMAT with a magazine and empty bag cell conveyor
  • Control cabinet with control unit
  • Bag emptying, bag cleaning and bag straightening belt
  • Belt check-weigher
  • Bag emptying with a bag destroyer and sieve drum
  • Return system with a sieve
  • De-dusting filter with piping
  • Flat belt conveyor
  • Pressing belt
  • Equipment using compressed air
  • Operating and maintenance platforms
  • Silo plant with a technical periphery
  • Vibrating screen or foreign body trap
  • SEAL technology
  • Manual truck loading
  • Automatic truck loading
  • Palletizing system / palletless
  • Hood stretching or wrap-around system
  • Digital solution with monitoring, remote control and analytics
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Automation of plant
  • Individual training courses


Your high-quality overall system with the perfect additional equipment

The basis for your perfectly designed packing line is a filling system from Haver & Boecker, optionally with a complete silo system or a subsequent loading system. We take responsibility for the entire unit, combine the ideally matched individual elements and ensure smooth integration into your process. This also includes the necessary power supply systems for electricity and compressed air as well as a suitably designed dust extraction system.

You decide whether we also take over the necessary project organization: an empty field or in an existing infrastructure, the automation and intelligence of the systems, as well as alternative financing. This is how you achieve your specific goal - filling your products perfectly and serving your customers reliably. 


EPC / Turnkey

Your complete shipping system with all the required infrastructure

You have the vision - we implement it! Put your turnkey project for a new packing plant in our hands. We´ll carry it out for you on a turnkey basis. This includes detailed planning and control, procurement, execution of construction and installation work, and project and construction management. You get the building with all the machines and systems including the silo system, as well as the shipping unit you need.

We can already see your new packing plant before our eyes: The machines and components are fully automated and achieve top performance. You´ll have access to the system data at any time and from anywhere via monitoring. You´ll use the ongoing analysis for optimized and perfectly coordinated processes. This is how you can achieve the Perfect Flow!

Do you not want to realize such an extensive project financially on your own? We are there for you - with a customized financing offer. Or can we run the packing operation for you?


Your trust in our technologies will pay off - guaranteed. 

Hand over the main responsibility to us and place your full focus on your core competence: your operational and strategic business. In this way, you´ll benefit from several advantages at once.

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