Professional development – personal perspectives

Let's make career plans together!

At Haver & Boecker we set high quality standards for our products and for ourselves. Our claim is to harmonise the company's requirements with your interests as an employee. Therefore, consistent promotion of your potential is a central theme of our personnel development.

We continuously support your professional development and prepare you specifically for taking on new tasks. In return, we accompany you throughout the entire period of employment.

Ein Mitarbeiter sitzt an seinem Arbeitsplatz  und bedient ein Gerät. Ein Mitarbeiter sitzt an seinem Arbeitsplatz  und bedient ein Gerät. Ein Mitarbeiter sitzt an seinem Arbeitsplatz  und bedient ein Gerät.

Our philosophy

We align our personnel development with the values of Haver & Boecker. The family is of crucial importance to Haver & Boecker. For us, it goes without saying that our employees are valued and supported as part of the family. This philosophy forms the basis for the partnership-based and appreciative cooperation that we live in our company every day. The most important basis for the successful promotion of your professional and methodological skills is always your own motivation to actively advance your personal development. That's why we expect a high level of passion and commitment from our employees.

We accompany organizational development projects with tailor-made workshops. Furthermore, we support team development processes.

Our human resources development mission statement

These guiding principles sum up our self-image and basic attitude in the area of personnel development:

  • We stand as a strategic partner for sensible processes, service orientation and the balancing of company and employee interests.
  • We design the instruments for personnel selection, promotion, support, assessment and organizational development in line with requirements and needs.
  • We advise, accompanie and support the managers in the performance of their task as personnel resources developers on site.
  • Our personnel development begins with the early selection of staff and doesn't end when employees leave.
  • Our personnel development is closely interlinked with in-company training and continuing education.

Your individual career roadmap

We rely on these instruments for individual personnel development:

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The annual employee appraisal

The annual employee appraisal is our central management and personnel development tool. Away from the daily business, the managers and employees calmly discuss aspects of cooperation, performance, goals and development measures. This creates opportunities for our employees, our managers and our company:

For our employees

Our employees get the opportunity in retrospect to talk about cooperation and performance. At the same time, we take a look at the future and set goals and agreements for the following year. The current and future tasks are the basis for deriving concrete steps for further professional development.

For our managers

We provide our managers with a sustainable tool for staff management. The appraisal interview helps to improve communication by clearly defining mutual expectations between the supervisor and the employee. The agreements made are needs-oriented and always take the employee's strengths and potential into account.

For our company

The annual employee appraisal conveys our values and culture. It helps to ensure that our employees are able to meet new challenges through continuous development. However, it's crucial that the positive development of the employees has an impact on the entire company.

Eine Person schaut auf ihr Smartphone und  gibt ein Feedback ab. Eine Person schaut auf ihr Smartphone und  gibt ein Feedback ab. Eine Person schaut auf ihr Smartphone und  gibt ein Feedback ab.

360 degree feedback

Leaders often ask themselves: "How is my leadership behavior assessed by those around me and how can I optimize it?" 360-degree feedback provides valuable answers to these questions. Typically, managers only receive feedback from their direct supervisors. The problem here: Direct supervisors can only assess a part of the overall leadership work.
In 360-degree feedback, you as the feedback recipient receive systematic feedback on your leadership work from different perspectives.

Ein Laptop steht auf dem Tisch und zeigt wichtige Kompetenzen. Ein Laptop steht auf dem Tisch und zeigt wichtige Kompetenzen. Ein Laptop steht auf dem Tisch und zeigt wichtige Kompetenzen.

Skills management

Within the framework of skills management, we identify and develop your professional and methodological skills. This is how ensure that the required skills are deployed in the right place at the right time. Your manager checks which skills are required in the associated organizational unit and discusses the results with you.

Pfeile gehen in verschiedene Richtungen. Pfeile gehen in verschiedene Richtungen. Pfeile gehen in verschiedene Richtungen.

Individual development agreement

We specifically prepare our employees in all areas for future positions. In personal interviews, supervisors reflect on individual successes with their employees and identify strengths and areas for development. From this, we jointly derive targeted personnel development measures. In the next step, we agree on the development measures with the help of a development plan - be it on-the-job, off-the-job or near-the-job.

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Assessments for junior managers

To support staffing decisions for management trainee positions, we offer assessments for potential management trainees. This gives you the chance to draw on the experience and evaluations of colleagues who work closely with you. With this, we can add to your own view once again. As a feedback recipient, you'll receive a development agreement that you can grow from in the long term. The aim is to broaden the company's view and to incorporate several opinions into the staffing decision. This is part of our open feedback culture in the company. With the help of the assessment, we ensure reasonable and verifiable decision-making criteria for a management career.

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Global development opportunities

In our international company, we'll show you paths that lead beyond borders. Through our globally connected subsidiaries, we offer you various opportunities to work abroad. In addition to professional success, your safety is our top priority. As a member of "International SOS" you'll have access to a global network of Assistance Centers. This will provide you with extended protection abroad if you need assistance with medical or travel safety cases.

Our leadership principles

We derive all methods and measures of personnel development from our leadership principles. These principles also guide the actions of all managers at Haver & Boecker. With us, all managesr take responsibility for their employees and is a role models in the spirit of our corporate values. This includes openness, respect, reliability and belonging.

  • Creating lasting success
  • Enabling further employee development
  • Creating a foundation for motivation and performance
  • Customer orientation
  • Being a role model for readiness for change
  • Aiming for success
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