Efficient automation is crucial today: over three million industrial robots now work in factories worldwide. Industrial robotics in all its facets is thus an important component of modern factory automation, now also in medium-sized and small companies. Robots that feed machines optimally improve the efficiency of processes, provide and ensure more available work capacity and a stable, reliable and safe cycle. In particular, via technical equipment and work facilitation, they increase safety and health protection. More and more at a reasonable cost.


Five good reasons why you should choose an AMICUS®

  1. Complete your automation from empty to full bag: fast, safe and easy.
  2. The AMICUS® DEPAL Edition is quick to install and precise in operation, easy to handle and easy to maintain.
  3. You increase health and safety and give your team more freedom for important tasks.
  4. Your automatic bag applicator is continuously and reliably supplied with empty bags 24/7.
  5. The teach-in function and accurate image recognition enable perfect bag detection without search trips.



The AMICUS® DEPAL Edition is unique: rapid detection and secure gripping of loose empty bag bundles without strapping! With the help of the associated camera system, the innovative gripper very quickly finds the unstrapped empty bag bundles on the pallet, grips them securely and reliably brings them into the system. This is the starting point for your efficient and complete automation!


The AMICUS® DEPAL Edition is a high-performance depalletizer from our AMICUS® robot family powered by FANUC. It consists of the robot arm with innovative gripping tool, a camera system and the associated control system and accesses at least one pallet location. From there, it can even load several packing machines with the same empty bags.

First, an empty bag is read into the system. The robot detects contrasts, thereby identifying the empty bags and making it possible to recognize the bag bundles on the pallet. The camera positions itself above the pallet and  captures the layer image. This three-dimensional data is passed on to the robot arm. It steers the gripping tool directly to the next bag bundle. The gripping tool moves under the bag bundle to pick it up. A pressure roller prevents the bundle from shifting. The roller gripping tool now picks up the bag bundle with the help of a counter-rotating roller. It then gently places the bags on the deposit table of the RADIMAT® automatic bag applicator. Alternatively, they can be fed onto a conveyor. This cycle is continuously repeated - for a continuous and efficient process.

With the help of the associated camera system, the innovative gripper very quickly finds the empty bag bundles on the pallet, grips them securely and reliably feeds them into the system. The empty bag pallet is unpacked at a constant rate and the RADIMAT® is continuously and reliably loaded with empty bags, 24/7 if required. Your entire bagging and packing process becomes much more reliable thanks to efficient automation. This ensures the performance of your entire line, which achieves peak outputs of up to 6,000 bags/hr. The AMICUS® DEPAL Edition is your starting point for stable, consistent and safe cycle times!

  • „ feeding of empty bags at the RADIMAT®
  • „ feeding on another floor
  • „ feeding on a belt
  • „ fully automatic pallet feeding
  • „ supply of several packing machines with the same bags by one robot

For protected interaction between operator and robot, the AMICUS® is equipped with FANUC Dual Check Safety (DCS). The software is used to safely design and continuously monitor workspaces and axis areas. DCS includes:

  • „speed and distance monitoring
  • „power and force limitation
  • „axis limitation

If the defined specifications are violated, the servomotors are stopped by the controller and thus ensure comprehensive safety of operators, robots and tools.

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Technical information:

img-26685 img-26685 img-26685
  • „ up to 6,000 bags/hr
  • „ compact design
  • „ all valve bags can be used

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Business Unit Chemicals

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Business Unit Cement

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