Get your packaging machine in shape for today’s challenges

Can you be sure everything is always running smoothly? Or could your machine use a "check-up"? Your packaging machine is a valuable asset – regular maintenance makes absolute sense. Especially with respect to the current challenges of rising energy costs and the foreseeable wear and spare parts availability delays.


Take proactive precautions!

Our service experts will take a close look at your packaging machine during an on-site visit. First we look at the packing process to see if everything is running smoothly and then we look deeply into the technology. If something catches our eye, we act immediately! Your result after our service visit:

Your machine is optimally adjusted again – for maximum performance

Our service experts, for example, adjust the pneumatic components on your machine. This ensures optimum use of energy. Processes are put perfectly back in sync. The packing process runs stably and cleanly again. Resources and operating materials are used efficiently and with high performance.

Possible defects are detected and eliminated – for the best possible machine availability

With our preventive maintenance, our service experts uncover possible "weak points": could a dormant defect sooner or later cause your packaging machine to fail? Where are traces of wear already visible? Which components should be replaced as soon as possible? Next we overhaul your machine – of course always in consultation with you.

Do you have any questions?
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Klaus Reinhardt
Business Unit Service
Machinery Division
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