• Innovative wire mesh solutions
    For the agricultural machinery, feed and fertilizer industries

Agriculture and farming

How to manage more efficiently with the right technologies

With a view to current social developments, the diverse agricultural and farming sector is becoming increasingly relevant worldwide: the world's population is growing continuously - and with it the demand for high-quality food.

Reliable, highly efficient, safe and sustainable production is becoming all the more important in all sectors of the agricultural industry - for example in the agricultural machinery, fertiliser and animal feed industries. Haver & Boecker offers you the right products and technologies for precisely this purpose.

Efficient production processes

Concerning all aspects of the cultivation, harvesting and storage of an agricultural raw material, as well as in many downstream areas, our products make a significant contribution to the greatest possible efficiency of production processes.

Two different types of HAVER screen sections Two different types of HAVER screen sections Two different types of HAVER screen sections

Screen sections

The high-precision manufacturing of our meshes and the largest variety of types on the market enable an optimum screening process for fertilisers, potash and salt on every separation cut. With our extensive range of hook strips and special solutions, we offer you a suitable screen section for your screening machine.

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  • Cereal diversity: oats, wheat, rice

Discharge aids

Do you store feed or grain meal in large silos on your farm? Then you know how essential reliable flowability of your product is. For example, as soon as the feed becomes blocked in the transition area from the cylindrical to the conical part and remains undetected in the silo for a longer period of time, it can quickly spoil - and render the entire silo contents unusable. Sometimes it is enough to "help" a little with a hammer, but you will not achieve real process reliability this way.

Our aeration pads made out of PLYMESH wire mesh fabric composite panels are significantly more reliable: They fluidise powdery products and, in contrast to beater systems, also avoid blockages resulting from the surface structure.

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Powerful machines

Hardly any other industry is as dependent on good weather as agriculture. If work is possible in the field, unforeseen breakdowns of machines and materials are all the more annoying. To prevent this from happening, our filter components and sieve inserts ensure reliable operation in a variety of agricultural machines.

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