• A Symphony of Technology

Welcome to your packing symphony

My name is Q. Q is short for QUAT²RO®. I am your digital assistant. My job is to make you the conductor of your very own “Symphony of Technology”. Together we will combine ability, diversification, harmony and the right timing to beauty.


We play a very special concert for you. Fully automatically, we identify the product you wish to pack by scanning the bag, we then depalletize the empty bags, feed them into the automatic bag applicator, apply the bags to the packing machine and start the packing process. Your job is to conduct the machines!


May we introduce: Our musicians

Let me introduce you to our today’s artists. Playing the bass, we have “ROTO”, short for ROTO-PACKER®. Playing the violin today is “RADI” short for RADIMAT®. Playing the guitar today is “AMI”, short for AMICUS®. AMI is new to our orchestra.



Michael Mestekemper

Business Unit Building Products and Minerals

Mirko Hoffmann

Business Unit Cement