Maintenance and repair work

In daily use in your operations, our products and equipment are exposed to high demands. External influences, abrasive screenings or a challenging filter material demand top performance every day. With the help of our fast repair services and the right maintenance measures, you can effectively prevent wear and tear: In this way, you maintain the productivity of your system, increase its service life and thus avoid unnecessary costs.

Joint decisions in a direct exchange

Through our global network we can offer the assuring security of having a competent and reliable partner available anywhere and at any time. In a direct exchange with our product experts and field staff, you discuss which measure is most suitable in your case and whether we should carry it out directly at your premises or in our factory .

Here you will find an overview of our individual services and the direct line to the correct contact person for you.  

Industrial wire screens

Do you have problems with your screening machine or an individual screen section or screen frame? Please contact us directly – we will support you with our individual service:

  • Optimisation of capacity and throughput on existing screening machines
  • New stretching of used screen frames by our re-screening service
  • Analysis of wire mesh breakages
  • Reworking of defective frames (e.g. welding)

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Industrial Wire Screens

Industrial Wire Screens

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Repair of Filterelements made from Woven Wire Cloth Laminated Panels

Even robust woven wire mesh components such as our HAVER POROSTAR® filter elements are not immune to damage. Especially in times of material shortage and high raw material prices, repair is often the best option from an economic point of view. We will be happy to determine your case of damage and agree with you the appropriate course of action.


Natural wear and tear, external influences or incorrect handling can lead to minor damage or, in the worst case, destruction of the filter element.


In many cases, we can completely refurbish and repair HAVER POROSTAR® filter elements such as filter cartridges and filter plates. Depending on the damage and your individual requirements, we weld defective areas, partially replace the defective laminate or replace the complete laminate. You have also come to the right address when it comes to repairing centrifugal baskets.

If the laminate has to be replaced completely, the connecting pieces, hold-downs, flange rings or perforated metal plate supports can be reused in many cases.



Christian Fortströer

Christian Fortströer

Head of Business Unit


Your benefits at a glance

  • Shorter delivery time compared to new production – thus faster resumption  of  production
  • Cost savings by using the old fittings, flange rings, perforated metal plate supports  
  • Conservation of resources
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