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All Haver & Boecker screen printing meshes have a high resistance to aggressive inks and pastes, despite their fine structures. Precisely defined cloth thicknesses, very high mesh accuracies and tight tolerances as well as precisely defined print layer thicknesses permit outstanding print results. In addition to a large standard programme for different application profiles, we also manufacture individual special solutions. With these, novel screen printing meshes you can develop more efficient screen printing processes.

Standard BC bolting cloth – for the large spectrum

The standard "BC bolting cloth" specifications cover a wide range from 500 to 66 mesh, open screen areas from 25 to 54% and fabric thicknesses from 60 to 200 µm.

TBC tensile bolting cloth – for precision

HAVER TBC "Tensile bolting cloth" is a high-strength stainless steel wire mesh for precision screen printing. Compared to standard BC “bolting cloth", wires are woven whose alloys are given optimum elongation with high strength and yield strength through complex remelting processes and targeted alloy composition. The strength is 30% higher compared to BC “bolting cloth". Optimised stretching properties result in a maximum register accuracy and improved bounce, so that high print reproducibility can be achieved. The high strength of the wires ensures a longer service life and maximum printing speeds. During stencil production, there is a minimal tension loss and the desired tension is quickly reached. HAVER TBC is robust against heavy mechanical stresses and available for specifications up to 640 mesh.

SHT super high strength – for particularly high requirements

We have developed HAVER SHT "Super high tensile bolting cloth" especially for the particularly high demands of printing on ceramic surfaces (e.g. solar wafers). A tensile strength that is 2.5 times higher than the TBC quality gives this screen printing mesh excellent tension values. It convinces with its optimal take-off behaviour and extreme register accuracy.

UHT ultra-high tensile - for the highest demands

HAVER UHT "Ultra high tensile" meets the highest demands on register accuracy even after several thousand printing cycles. They are therefore particularly suitable for solar and electronic circuit printing.

3D mesh – for innovative printing processes

3D meshes are manufactured with the same mesh openings and wire diameter as conventional wire mesh – but using a different weaving technique. Their structure allows a higher theoretical ink volume to be achieved for a visible gain in opacity and brilliance.

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