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Sustainability for a future worth living

Sustainability is a core value for us: We make decisions taking into account long-term consequences for the HAVER & BOECKER family, for the entire universe of our customers and for the well-being of future generations. We follow this fundamental approach and strive with all our technologies to improve living conditions for humanity. That’s our mission!

Astronaut in space, part of the earth can be seen in the background Astronaut in space, part of the earth can be seen in the background Astronaut in space, part of the earth can be seen in the background
I always thought my neighborhood was my home and everything I needed. Today, planet Earth is my home.
Michael James Massimino

Our unique planet

Only since the beginnings of space travel have we known that the Earth is a bright blue dot in black space. It’s the water that gives the earth its blue color and it’s also its ideal temperature difference that enables a diversity of life forms: a paradise.

Astronaut Michael James Massimino spent 23 days, 19 hours and 47 minutes in space. It took that one overwhelming moment of walking in space to realize not only how unique and beautiful the blue planet is, but also how vulnerable.

Plants in a green meadow Plants in a green meadow Plants in a green meadow
Using resources sustainably

Using resources responsibly

Now, here and today, it’s a matter of protecting this human habitat and using the resources of our planet in such a way that we don’t live at the expense of future generations. Sustainability is an operating principle of resource use in which a lasting satisfaction of human needs is to be ensured by maintaining the natural regenerative capacity of the systems involved (especially living organisms and ecosystems).

Sustainability thus describes a way to keep the world in balance. The triad "reduce, re-use, recycle" offers a very practical approach to such a way of life.

What Planet Blue means for us

With our sustainability campaign "Planet Blue", we’re directing our ideas and actions towards a world in balance. Our mission: We strive to improve living conditions for humanity with our storage, packing, mixing and filling technologies, as well as our palletizing and loading technology.

Children playing in a green meadow Children playing in a green meadow Children playing in a green meadow
Don’t live at the expense of future generations

We asked author and cultural scientist Dr. Martina Ward to get to the heart of our message. Our Planet Blue campaign officially states:

For the children on this blue planet

Our planet is unique – as unique as the life that is on it. Now we humans are faced with one of the greatest challenges of our history: We are experiencing an unprecedented population growth. Our willingness to break new ground and use resources responsibly and sparingly will determine how peaceful and fulfilling our coexistence will be.

It is worth looking back at what has allowed us to grow and develop to this day: the courage to change, inspiration and team spirit. We know what future generations need, what drives us in our innermost being and what makes life worth living. We only need to take the next step, especially if we are all to benefit from it – especially for the children on this blue planet.

Our offer for your sustainable processes

Our high-quality products are durable assets with the appropriate modernization and conversion kits sets and the worldwide OEM full service offer. This alone is a fundamental, responsible and lived sustainability.

Our technologies enable you to store, process and deliver your products safely and without loss. In this way, you avoid wasting energy on the production of products that are not used later and limit CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum. This also conserves your financial resources so that elaborately manufactured products are not "given away" in the end.

There is no time left to hide behind targets or roadmaps!

These are our solutions for your efficient and sustainable process - especially for the operation of your existing equipment:

Increasing performance and reducing costs - these are the goals our specialists pursue with the Plant Optimization Plan. The aim of this service is the optimum configuration of your existing system. It doesn´t matter whether the equipment was supplied completely by us or partly by other suppliers.


Our experts look at your entire line - from product feeding from the silo, through packing and bag transport, to palletizing and loading. They look beyond the individual machine and assess the integration of the system into the overall process. The central question here: How do you as a customer achieve the perfect flow of your product?

Enjoy making a system work for you instead of working for your system. Networked machines are less prone to stoppages. They automatically, effortlessly and securely provide data that can signal potential maintenance issues while enabling deep new insights into machine productivity, scrap rates and more. Use the full range of digital options for process monitoring, control, analysis and optimization.


Time does not stand still. Your process will always have to adapt to new requirements. That does not mean that you need to invest directly in new equipment to stay competitive. Why not simply prolong the life of your current packing equipment or, better yet, optimize its functionality? There are several reasons why you should rebuild and upgrade exisisting machines to achieve the best possible performance from your packing machine.


Our original spare parts are your guarantee: the guarantee that your system will run optimally. Do not let inferior spare parts cause unplanned downtime, a breakdown or, in the worst case, even accidents. Don´t compromise; buy original parts.


Did you know that some processes spend more money on the annual requirement of consumables, than they spent on the original one-time investment of equipment, which requires them? Consumables are the fuel for your process. You need the right material for peak performance and success. We consult, design and even provide your consumables for every step and phase of your project. Regardless of whether you are commissioning, ramping up or you simply want to optimize your process on an ongoing basis.


More and more manufacturers of cement, building materials and chemical products are ensuring that their packaging is compact, clean, fully closed and looks great. In response to this market trend, we´ve developed SEAL technology: a packaging system that sets new standards when it comes to the cleanliness, safety and profitability of traditional valve bag filling technology. The valuable product is filled cleanly and the bag valve is securely sealed ultrasonically - for complete product protection until it is used by the end user.


Are you looking for a technology that allows you to fill your products into completely weatherproof packaging? A system that offers your customers attractive, clean and safe packaging? This search has now come to an end: With ADAMS® we’ve developed a packing technology that allows you to fill powder-type bulk goods into a weatherproof, tear-resistant and recyclable film packaging.


The demands for a reduction in manufacturing costs, an increase in profitability, clean filling and a consistently high quality are continuously rising, certainly also in your market. Very important: improving effectiveness must not come at the expense of the environment and the employee health. The solution you should equip your workflow with: the RADIMAT® by HAVER & BOECKER.


No one has more experience in operating your equipment than you do. Think about what could happen if you combined that experience with the service-quality of the people that built it? We are convinced that by working hand-in-hand as process partners, we can achieve a long-lasting high-performing process. Let us help you achieve your goals with a unparalleled line-up of services, designed with your process in mind.


Our Planet Blue-Solutions

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