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The development of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones are a continuously ongoing process in all mobility sectors. Especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, the requirements for new product solutions are very high on a qualitative and functional level. Central challenges here are safety, the often complicated installation situation of individual components and demanding environmental conditions. In addition, due to commonly-used series production, high quantities are required which also entails great dependence on the supplier in terms of scheduling.

With woven wire cloth you can easily master all of these challenges: the unimagined flexibility and simultaneous stability of this versatile material offers you almost unlimited possibilities. Approach us directly with your challenge and rely on our expertise from successful cooperations with companies in the automotive industry, aerospace and shipping.

Automotive industry

The focus is on the technology of the vehicle. The focus is on the technology of the vehicle. The focus is on the technology of the vehicle.

Wire mesh in cars – now and in the future

Woven wire cloth is used in vehicles as rolled goods or in the form of individually made up filters and fabricated parts. There are possible applications in all types of motor vehicles – from cars to trucks. Air filters made of metal wire mesh optimise the function of pneumatic systems and prevents squeaking, even after a long period of use, in the sliding bearing of car doors. In the technical field, it is especially the stability that speaks for gearbox oil filters and exhaust filters made out of woven wire cloth. These application options are extended by optimal dosing and distribution, for example of fuels.

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A large ship in a harbour A large ship in a harbour A large ship in a harbour

Ballast water treatment

In recent years, environmental protection has come more and more into focus – also in shipping. An important area in this context is the treatment of ballast water, which, depending on the loading situation of the ships, ends up in different countries and thus also in different ecosystems. A mixture or reintroduction of different organisms has far-reaching consequences for the environment. By filtering the water, which is an elementary part of the treatment process on the ships, it is possible to achieve limits that have been set for discharging ballast water in ports. We develop the corresponding water filters.

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