The ROTO-LOCK® gasket set

For continuous performance

You have decided to equip your HAVER & BOECKER packing machine with our ROTO-LOCK® dosing unit. Your decision to use this dosing system was far-sighted: you are ensuring a clean and healthy work environment for your team and the careful use of our valuable resources - thanks to a high level of product protection. ROTO-LOCK® is the patented result of our engineering expertise - the innovative solution for clean and precise dosing in your filling process.

The ROTO-LOCK® is a unique achievement for the dosing process and it offers you reduced maintenance and long-lasting reliability for the entire filling process. The ROTO-LOCK’s shaft seals and deep groove ball bearings are wear parts that should be replaced regularly as a preventative measure. To prevent unforeseen bearing damage!
René Mackel

Five good reasons why you should regularly replace the ROTO-LOCK® gasket set:

  1. Improved health and safety standards
  2. Longer life ROTO-LOCK® operating lifetime
  3. Higher machine operational availability
  4. Less product loss
  5. Reduced spare parts costs

The maintenance effort is low: replacement can be ordered through our service department, or carried out independently. Our specially designed tool kit with various press-fit tools enables critical components - like deep groove ball bearings and shaft seals - to be installed professionally.



Snap ring

Sealing ring

Filling box

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