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HAVER Screening Machines

Innovative technologies for highest efficiency

From quarries to precise laboratory applications, Haver & Boecker screening machines are used in a wide variety of applications and industries:

Whatever you want to screen – we supply you with the right screening machine.
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Our screening machines for processing technology

Innovative, productive and reliable

At Haver & Boecker Niagara, proven mechanical technologies meet modern control and regulation systems. We create innovative screening machines for mineral processing technology, which are used as productive master pieces all over the world.

Learn more about our technical solutions and our reliable quality coinciding with guaranteed safety:

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HAVER Niagara L-class HAVER Niagara L-class HAVER Niagara L-class
Niagara L-class linear screening machine
HAVER F-class screening machine HAVER F-class screening machine HAVER F-class screening machine
HAVER F-class screening machine

Our screening machines for your small batches

Great performance in the smallest space

For screening small production volumes and small individual batches, as well as for laboratory and pilot plant scale applications, we offer you two screening machines: the HAVER DMS and the HAVER UMD.

Both machines are suitable for bulk materials such as sand, gravel, ore or coal, but also for sensitive or aggressive media .
Their size and design allow both batch and continuous operation making the machines particularly suitable for use in smaller industrial processes.

Haver DMS screening machine Haver DMS screening machine Haver DMS screening machine
Haver DMS screening machine
Haver UMD screening machine Haver UMD screening machine Haver UMD screening machine
Haver UMD screening machine

Both machines are linear vibrating machines, they only require limited space and guarantee precise cut-points.

The HAVER DMS holds frames in a size of 630 mm x 200 mm. These are available with meshes from 100 μm to 25 mm mesh size. Depending on the feed material and the desired cut-sizes, throughputs of up to 200 kg/h can be easily achieved.

For somewhat larger quantities, the HAVER UMD is available with dimensions of 1,250 mm x 400 mm and mesh sizes from 100 μm to 50 mm. This machine easily processes up to one ton of material per hour.

We supply both machines as single or double-deck models.

Key figures at a glance:

Screen frame 630 mm x 200 mm (L x W) 1.250 mm x 400 mm (L x W)
Particle size range 100 µm to 25 mm 100 µm to 50 mm
Voltage 230V/50 Hz, 115 V/60 Hz 400 V lines voltage
Design Classification screen (dry) with magnetic drive Classification screen (dry) with unbalanced motor
Machine type Double-deck screen (3 split cuts) Double-deck screen (3 split cuts)
Screening aids Ball tray, ultrasonics Ball tray, ultrasonics
Material versions Regular steel / stainless steel Regular steel / stainless steel
Dimensions appx. 1,000 mm x 600 mm (L x W), variable height appx. 1,500 mm x 900 mm (L x W), variable height

The right screen frame for your machine

The ready-to-install screen frames are manufactured by our in-house re-screening service with the appropriate wire mesh specification. Depending on your needs, we can also rescreen your existing screen frames and thus sustainably repair them time and again.

In order to realize even the finest separation cuts and to enable good self-cleaning of the wire mesh, we equip your screen frames with bouncing balls or with ARTECH ultrasonic technology. These screening aids also help to improve screening results and increase throughput .

HAVER test sieve shaker HAVER test sieve shaker HAVER test sieve shaker

NEXOPART sieving machines for your laboratory

Precise, flexible and intelligent

With NEXOPART test sieve shakers, you can analyze various materials between 3 and 20 kg by dry or wet sieving, from agglomerating abrasives to coarse-grained rock.

The main feature of the electromagnetic NEXOPART 3D laboratory sieve shakers is the self-adjusting amplitude, which maintains the set value regardless of the weight of the material. With the W.S.TYLER® RO-TAP® sieve shakers, it is the mechanical rotation and tapping movement that imitates manual sieving and gently measures the sample material.

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