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Wire mesh for architecture & design

In addition to its use in industry, metal mesh is increasingly being used in architecture and design. With their exceptional functional and aesthetic properties, the various mesh types can be integrated into many construction and design concepts: as façade and ceiling cladding, for example, they cut just as good a figure as when used as a design element in automotive interiors.

Here your creative ideas acquire concrete contours

Hardly any material is as versatile as wire mesh. You can combine wire thicknesses from a few millimetres down to the smallest µ range with a variety of different weaves. The result: a huge variety of mesh shapes that makes the appearance of each mesh unique. With our stainless steel mesh portfolio, you as architects and designers have a variety of different mesh types at your disposal with which you can realise your individual design ideas.

Whether as a design application in interior & product design or in architecture, the surface of the stainless steel or hybrid mesh, which varies according to the weave and material, creates interesting structures when illuminated appropriately by artificial light or daylight. Depending on the incidence of light and the viewer's location, wire mesh appears transparent or opaque and looks like a second skin due to light reflections and shadows. Thanks to its high-quality material and aesthetics, stainless steel wire mesh creates a stylish, prestigious atmosphere in any application.

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The variety of applications for architectural wire mesh The variety of applications for architectural wire mesh The variety of applications for architectural wire mesh

Architectural wire mesh for facades, ceilings & walls

HAVER Architectural Mesh is the ideal material for cladding interior and exterior surfaces. It can be used in a variety of ways and combines a modern, stylish look with functionality, stability and durability. For example, wire mesh protects against the sun as an elegant façade cladding, contributes to sound insulation as wall cladding or in ceiling systems and provides safety as fall protection.

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An automobilie interior with design mesh An automobilie interior with design mesh An automobilie interior with design mesh

Design mesh for interior & product design

HAVER Structura design mesh provides for exceptional design that makes a visual and, above all, noticeable difference in different environments. Each of our mouldable design mesh types varies in its look and feel – and always captivates with its uniform surface. The areas of application are as diverse as its structure. It offers you exclusive design possibilities in object and product design, in interior design, in the covering of furniture or lamps and in the field of automotive interiors.

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