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Consume intelligently

Did you know that some processes spend more money on the annual requirement of consumables, than they spent on the original one-time investment of equipment, which requires them? Consumables are the fuel for your process. You need the right material for peak performance and success. We consult, design and even provide your consumables for every step and phase of your project. Regardless of whether you are commissioning, ramping up or you simply want to optimize your process on an ongoing basis. 

Five good reasons why you should talk to us about your consumables:

  1. One Source
    One partner who will take care for all around your bags: design, fine-tuning, supply and improvement.
  2. Experience
    Benefit from our experience and know-how with more than 20,000 different bulk products and kind of bags.
  3. Perfect Interaction
    Knowing your products we have chosen the best packing system and will manage the ideal packaging for you!
  4. Worldwide Networking
    Worldwide sourcing and service through a global network all around the world.
  5. High Quality
    We guarantee the same high quality with all individual specifications out of the best paper.


“Most times, we find ourselves asking for some sort of adjustments when we purchase suits from stores or online; the sleeve length of the tux is either exaggerated, or the pants just don’t seem to look good on us. Since time immemorial, suits have been the choice of all the stylish people you have seen or read about. When finding the perfect size becomes difficult, bespoke suiting has proven to be the pinnacle of solution to this lingering problem of finding the perfect size. It is not just about the size. Sometimes, you just want a particular blend of color, or a specific style. With bespoke suits, you can get your imaginations fully transformed into reality. This is what makes bespoke suiting a big deal. In making custom suits, a tailor, who is also an excellent craftsman, is needed. This is because BESPOKE clothing requires a great deal of accuracy and precision in the design and size. In fact, bespoke suits are tailored to your body and individually
customized in accordance with your imaginations.”

img-26927 img-26927 img-26927

Quality and class have no expire date

Now you will probably look at your outfit today and think it is the wrong HAVER BOECKER and BEHN & BATES ?! However , if you get a closer look, this yould sound quite familliar to you as well. Replace thw world suit with VALVE BAG, imagine we are the tailor; HAVER & BOECKER Institute is the core of our experience, We know that your bag is your business card, just like a suit , and we guide you through the process of having just the one that suits you, therfore your end-customers, the best. We know that your bag is not only your business card but it´s your statement to the world. And that is worth the higher price to Savile Row´s customers. Often, the result is something timeless that couldn´t  be more sustainable .

img-26910 img-26910 img-26910

Step-by-step: to your BESPOKE bag

We study and analyze your entire process just like your bespoke clothier is discussing prior your lifestyle and personal style.

We test your products, in our HAVER & BOECKER Institute lies our expertise with more than 20,000 different bulk products and even more kind of bags, just like a measurement and posture assessment.


We suggest the optimal filling systems and define the most suitable packaging solution according to your overall process. Just like a personal pattern is created for your body type after Step 2. We suggest the most suitable bag construction, materials and design, just like your personal pattern is cut and structured by hand based on the consultation assessment. We know that details such as glue positioning, inner patches, special venting systems, sealing, wrapped bottom patches etc… are an important choice to guarantee the final success both for your process and with your customers.


We fine-tune the requirements after FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) together with your filling system, just like the first fitting for bespoke suits.


We do the final adjustments and provide you with the full bag supply. We take care of everything around your bag, the complete logistics included, just like the bespoke clothier ensures your complete satisfaction, and that your suit fits perfectly.


“We suggest the optimal filling systems and define the most suitable packaging solution according to your overall process. Just like a personal pattern is created for your body type after measurement and posture assessment.”
Marta Bortolotti, Division Manager Consumables

Our full service for your optimum bag packaging

We know your equipment very well and we´ll support you in optimizing your bags. We‘ll advise you on functionality, filling speed, order quantity, valve closure, cleanliness, efficiency, costs and quality.



The overall composition of a package, consisting of the brand message, the design and the performance, influences the purchase decision. We show you what really matters.


Once the bag architecture and design are defined, we will test all the features in our HAVER & BOECKER Institut to make sure, that your packaging triangle is in the perfect flow.


We assure a perfect beginning with a starter kit up to 3 years supply. We know well that the right packaging is half the success. Keep focus on starting your business with the new equipment.


We take care of everything around your bag and the complete logistics. Concentrate fully on your business, you will always receive the same quality just-in-time.


Do you have any questions?
I will be happy to help you:
Marta Bortolotti
Manager Consumables
Carl-Haver-Platz 3
59302 Oelde, Germany