Consume intelligently

Did you know that some processes spend more money on the annual requirement of consumables, than they spent on the original one-time investment of equipment, which requires them? Consumables are the fuel for your process. You need the right material for peak performance and success. We consult, design and even provide your consumables for every step and phase of your project. Regardless of whether you are commissioning, ramping up or you simply want to optimize your process on an ongoing basis. 

Five good reasons why you should talk to us about your consumables:

  1. Benefit from our wealth of experience with more than 20,000 different bulk products and even more types of bags.
  2. We know your products, define the ideal packing system and manage the right packaging for you.
  3. Work together with us as the partner who takes care of all your packaging needs: Design, fine-tune, deliver and improve.
  4. We guarantee a consistently high quality with all individual specifications made from the best material.
  5. Worldwide procurement and international service characterize our global network around the globe.

Benefit from the perfect packaging material

It´s like a racing car: Depending on the route and the weather forecast, different tires are used. When it rains, they must have different properties than when the sun is blazing down on the racing circuit at 35°C. On every race team there´s someone who decides which tires to use. For your packing process, we can and wish to do just that!

You don´t race on the hottest circuit, but you use the latest packing technology. Instead of the weather forecast, we analyze the characteristics of the product to be filled. We don´t choose the right tires, but determine the best packaging. In short: We design your individual packing triangle and deduce the right packaging for each of your products. You can be sure that the extensive know-how of all parties involved will flow into your project - we work together with many bag manufacturers. And yet you only have one contact-person.

Place the responsibility for the interaction between your product, our filling technology and the perfect packaging material in our hands and concentrate on your core competencies: the production and marketing of your products. Contact us as soon as you start planning a project or if there´s a snag somewhere in your packing process. Together, we´ll put your horsepower on the road.

The way to your perfect packaging

  1. Give us a call: +49 2522 30-157 (Thomas Hilling) or send us an email: t.hilling@haverboecker.com
  2. Together we´ll analyze your current situation
  3. We´ll work out a quote for your new empty bag
  4. Testing and fine-tuning
  5. Regular delivery and performance monitoring

Our services for your optimum bag packaging

Our bag experts looking at analysis resultsOur bag experts looking at analysis resultsOur bag experts looking at analysis resultsOur bag experts looking at analysis results
Bag consulting serviceWe know your equipment very well and we´ll support you in optimizing your bags. We'll advise you on functionality, filling speed, order quantity, valve closure, cleanliness, efficiency, costs and quality.
Composition of different filled bagsComposition of different filled bagsComposition of different filled bagsComposition of different filled bags
Bag designThe overall composition of a package, consisting of the brand message, the design and the performance, influences the purchase decision. We show you what really matters.
Stack of empty valve bagsStack of empty valve bagsStack of empty valve bagsStack of empty valve bags
Starter kitsAre you planning a new packing line? Keep the focus on starting the process with the new technology and on your operational business. We take care of your perfect packaging, from the design of the bag to production.
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