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Screen frames and re-screening service

Perfectly tensioned for the best screening result

You know what it's like: If the wire mesh of your screen is not sufficiently tensioned, the efficiency of the screening process suffers and the service life decreases. We make sure that this no longer happens. With tensioning systems engineered and built by Haver & Boecker, the wire mesh is perfectly tensioned and fixed to your screen frames. All you have to do is install them in your machine and you start screening immediately. You no longer have to worry about incorrectly or insufficiently tensioned screen frames: Haver & Boecker supplies you with perfectly tensioned screen frames for your plant.

Our in-house re-screening service Our in-house re-screening service Our in-house re-screening service
Our in-house re-screening service

Re-screening service

The wire mesh on your frame is worn out or broken? No worries – we’ve got you covered and attach a new mesh to your original frame.

Our in-house re-screening service is exactly the right contact! We make sure that you achieve 100% satisfactory results again, screening process after screening process. And this is how easy it is to make use of our re-screening service:

  1. Send us your frame – we remove the used wire mesh and clean the frame thoroughly.
  2. After cleaning our experienced work force attaches a new wire mesh wire mesh. Your screen is as good as a brand new screen.

If you regularly want to have a larger number of wire mesh frames re-screened, specially made crates ensure smooth transport between your factory and our production.

High-quality screen frames from the expert

Also, if you need new screen frames with optimal screen tensioning, you have come to the right place. We customize each screen frame exactly to your requirements: with the best material (stainless steel, spring steel, plastics) and the appropriate adhesive (food compliant according to EU regulation 1935/2004, heat or acid resistant or for use with ultrasonics).

Pre-tensioned screen frames: sizes and shapes

Whether standard screen frames for well-known screening machine manufacturers from our stock or individual production of complex frame constructions – Haver & Boecker supplies pretensioned screen frames in different shapes and individual sizes:

  • Round frames up to a diameter of 2,900 mm
  • Rectangular frames up to a size of 2,650 mm x 3,100 mm

Individual and certified: This is our production

Using tensioning devices specially developed and built by Haver & Boecker, we carefully tension the wire mesh evenly and bond it the fabric to the screen frame. This guarantees an optimum quality, which is a mandatory for high performance and a long service life. The production of our screen frames complies with all applicable standards and is closely monitored by our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Optional extras for your screen frames

We adapt our screen frames to your individual requirements, amongst other with the following accessories: 

  • Stainless steel plate with a center hole to guide the central axis
  • Center impact plate
  • Rubber or stainless steel deflectors
  • Support screen and multilayer designs
  • Round and rhombic rubber balls
Optional equipment for screen frames Optional equipment for screen frames Optional equipment for screen frames
Optional equipment for screen frames

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