The basis for your weight accuracy

Are your bags filled to the exact weight or do you add a little extra to be on the safe side? We know you have to rely on your weighing technology. Therefore, with our manufacturer´s calibration, we guarantee you a precisely defined measuring accuracy within the permissible calibration tolerance according to legal requirements (OIML R61 or 2014/32/EU).So that you weigh according to the guidelines and don´t waste your valuable product!

Your advantages at a glance:

  1. Fill with certified accuracy
  2. No waiting time between installation and calibration verification
  3. Start filling immediately
  4. Take advantage of our complete support from a single source
  5. Calibration verification of returned used equipment

For new installations and for conversions

We do the conformity assessment of weighing unit, formerly known as initial verification, directly after commissioning your new equipment. You lose no time between assembly and initial calibration and can start filling immediately. For immediate sales. 

In certain cases, you need to have the weighing equipment of your existing equipment calibrated: When you upgrade the weighing unit to the current version or when you return a used machine in the EU.Even then we are there for you!

Is a legally required regular recalibration of your weighing unit imminent? In preparation, we service your system, make it fit for calibration and, if desired, even accompany the entire calibration verification process. So that you don´t experience any unpleasant surprises. 

Person with gloves holding a weight in his hand. Person with gloves holding a weight in his hand. Person with gloves holding a weight in his hand.
Manufacturer calibration verification for reliable weighing technology
Silver metal weights Silver metal weights Silver metal weights
With a precise weight. Fast. Legally secure.
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