Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Here, safety and quality have top priority

All products from the medical and pharmaceutical sectors have the same purpose: they serve our health. For this reason, the aspects safety and quality already have top priority in the manufacture of these products. For us at Haver & Boecker, that means: in the production of medical technology components and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, our entire manufacturing processes are subject to extremely high quality requirements as well as the strictest testing procedures. See for yourself!

  • Medical technology

Metal filters and moulded parts

Are you looking for individual moulded parts for your technology with which you can filter impurities, separate solid, liquid or gaseous media or evenly distribute active ingredients? You can learn about our range of products and options right here.

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Whitepaper: When tiny meshes master mighty tasks

Three practical examples show how wire mesh filters set standards in medical technology and are superior to other materials. In addition, you will learn in the free white paper how filter components made out of wire mesh contribute to optimal product quality and patient care.

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HAVER sieve cleaning machines HAVER sieve cleaning machines HAVER sieve cleaning machines

Ultrasonic cleaning for pure cleanliness

Particularly in medical technology, cleanliness is the be-all and end-all. Nexopart offers you three variants for your test sieves: single cleaning of test sieves up to a sieve diameter of 500 mm; for test sieves up to a diameter of 203 mm there are two versions, for cleaning of one sieve or simultaneous sieve cleaning of up to five test sieves.

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  • Pharmaceutical industry

Filter layers

HAVER Porostar® fabric laminate is a stable porous filter medium with pre-determinable characteristics and enables foreign particle-free filtration in the range < 1 µm to 200 µm. It is therefore also popular for filtration and fluidisation in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Whitepaper: Efficient filtration in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Efficient filtration processes are essential for a consistently high product quality. Learn in the free white paper, based on two practical examples, how cost-saving filter media made out of wire mesh fabric laminate make these important parts of your production and the entire process flow more efficient and safer.

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IQ / OQ documentation IQ / OQ documentation IQ / OQ documentation

Documentation of particle measurement technology

Play it safe with our products

For the pharmaceutical industry, both installation qualification (IQ) and functional and performance qualification (OQ) are an essential part of validation for new laboratory equipment.

It is therefore a matter of course for us that you receive detailed IQ/OQ documentation for each unit. Documented evidence gives you peace of mind about the identity, installation and guideline compliance of the measuring equipment you use, ensuring that the machines operate as designed and their proper function is guaranteed across the entire span of the process-critical parameters.

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Granulating sieves for the pharmaceutical industry

Granulating sieves are used in the production of tablets to optimise the grinding process and to specify the maximum particle size through their mesh size.

For manufacturers of roller presses or granulating screens, Haver & Boecker develops a special, particularly efficient square wire mesh and uses it to manufacture precisely fitting granulating screens.

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CARE-LINE packaging machine for film bags CARE-LINE packaging machine for film bags CARE-LINE packaging machine for film bags

The packaging system for maximum hygiene

Maximum cleanliness when filling powder into a film packaging:

rely on our CARE-LINE if you want to pack your pharmaceutical products in film bags in compliance with maximum hygiene standards and at an output of up to 400 bags/h.

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