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HAVER Industrial Wire Screens

Efficient, precise, reliable

To ensure a safe and efficient screening process the alloy, opening, type of weave and screening machine must be optimally adjusted to your screening material. For this reason Haver & Boecker offers a wide variety of solutions for all types of screening machines and applications: classic screen sections made from high-tensile an stainless steel wires, special active wire screens and pre-tensioned screen frames – with ultrasonic support if required.

Endless possibilities

Here you will find the right answer to your challenge:

Best materials: the way to success

Whatever you are screening – we have the right wire for the job

Each screening material has certain properties that you should take into account when choosing the right wire mesh. At Haver & Boecker, in addition to high-quality standard materials such as stainless steel or high carbon, you can also obtain special stainless steel alloys for high temperature and acid-sensitive materials as well as a large variety of Duplex wire meshes.

Here you can find out more about our materials for screening applications.

Your partner for a safe screening process

For decades Haver & Boecker has proven to be your reliable partner for all of your screening needs supplying exceptional quality to meet your high demands.


In industrial screening, exceptional precision and reliability are mandatory. Regardless of your application: high-quality materials and outstanding workmanship guarantee maximum stability and durability in addition to optimal performance.

In each of these areas, we set international standards thanks to the extensive know-how and vast experience of our employees.


With more than 100 years of development and production experience in the manufacture of wire screen sections we regularly contribute to international standards committees. Screening mesh and screen sections from our production set standards and showcase efficient solutions.

Continuous further development of our products and manufacturing processes are the basis to successfully combine tradition and innovation

Serving almost any industry

There are hardly any limits to the application for our industrial wire screens:

  • They have always been used successfully in quarries, sand and gravel pits or in crude oil extraction.
  • In the same way, our customers use them in the production of paint and powder coatings as well as in the screening of metal powders and minerals.
  • They are also used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the food sector.

Regular dialogue with engineers, manufacturers and operators of screening machines results in customized solutions that are always geared to industry-specific challenges – now and in the future.

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