• "We want to remain a family business"

Tradition and Advancement

How we have been making quality products and setting trends since 1887

Recognizing current market opportunities and serving them with quality products developed and manufactured in-house: This was already the incentive for our company founder Carl Haver when he founded the company in Hohenlimburg back in 1887 together with his cousin Eduard Boecker. At that time, Hohenlimburg was the German centre of the wire drawing and wire weaving activities. Advancement in those days demanded a certain pioneer spirit and perseverance in order to achieve high quality standards. Characteristics which we have retained until today.

Our recipe for success: market-oriented product range and production processes

Historical picture shows employees in front of the company building Historical picture shows employees in front of the company building Historical picture shows employees in front of the company building
Carl Haver and Eduard Boecker (seated from the left) with the workforce in Hohenlimburg around 1889.

Eduard Boecker had already left the company in 1891. The beginnings were very difficult due to the working conditions in Hohenlimburg and the competition in Thuringia. This changed in 1897 with the move to Oelde in Westphalia. The Machinery Division was founded in 1925 which, together with the Wire Weaving Division, became the foundation for today’s globally active company.
The design of the product range and the production processes has constantly been adapted to the needs and requirements of the respective markets. Cooperative partnership with customers, experience, continuous further development of products and manufacturing processes as well as the knowledge and know-how of the workforce all create a significant basis for the success of the company.

Family creates security during the ups and downs of the economy and history

Furthermore, the family has been fully engaged in management since the founding of the company. Today Haver & Boecker is being managed by the fourth and fifth generation as a family-managed, midsize company with headquarters in Oelde, Westphalia. Long management cycles, clear business succession and straightforward decision taking count amongst its basic features.
An active company culture and social responsibility demonstrated towards our employees, customers and society, which goes far beyond legal and contractual requirements, contribute towards the motivation and long-term loyalty of the people who work for and with Haver & Boecker. In a combination of these factors, security is created during the ups and the downs of the economy and history.

Historic weaving hall Historic weaving hall Historic weaving hall
Historic weaving hall
Miner's lamp with a cylinder made out of brass wire mesh fabric Miner's lamp with a cylinder made out of brass wire mesh fabric Miner's lamp with a cylinder made out of brass wire mesh fabric

Lighting and a warning for the "miners"

How a discovery founded a whole new branch of industry

In 1815, the chemist Sir Humphry Davy developed a miner's safety lamp with a cylinder made out of woven wire cloth. Its successful use in mining created a great demand for the wire mesh and was the foundation for the upswing of the wire weaving industry.
Any methane gases present could pass through the wire mesh cylinder to the open flame without exploding, as occurred with previously used lamps. The presence of “firedamp“ could be detected on the flame which immediately became brighter and warned the miners about the danger. These miner's lamps were not really lamps, but rather a measuring instrument.

Family-run in 4th and 5th generation

Haver & Boecker – since 1887

Rooted in the regional, successful internationally


1887 - 1912

Carl Haver and Eduard Boecker founded the company in Hohenlimburg and began with products made out of woven wire cloth.

  • Mechanisation of wire weaving looms: initially 12 weaving looms
  • 1897: Moving the headquarter to Oelde: The employee numbers grew rapidly.
  • Training since 1905
  • Expansion of the product programme:
    • 250 mesh wire mesh with 10,000 meshes per cm²
    • A bag closure made out of wire for open paper bags in the cement industry

1913 - 1937

Internationalisation was introduced after the first contact with foreign countries and export began.

  • Self-built mechanical looms and purchase of licenses for loom building, packaging machines, screening machines (NIAGARA)
  • 1925: Founding of the Machinery Division and production of the first HAVER valve bag packaging machine
  • HAVER metal mesh for precision screen printing
  • Manufacture of test sieves
  • 1930: first NIAGARA® vibrating screening machine

1938 - 1962

The company’s own development and manufacture of high performance products and machines gathered speed.

  • Standardisation of wire mesh and test sieves
  • 1940: Setting up of our own training workshop
  • Manufacture of the finest wire mesh in the world: 540 mesh with 45,000 meshes per cm²
  • MINIMESH® Metal-Filter-Cloth for the aerospace industry
  • Electromagnetically driven test sieve shakers, EML 200
  • 1. BBV turbine packer with a pre-compacting device for filling cement
  • 1. HAVER ROTO-PACKER®, a rotating high-performance packaging system

1963 - 1987

The further development of machines to be built gave further impetus to the expansion of our company.

  • Founding of subsidiaries, world-wide
  • Build-up of global exports in the area of plant engineering
  • Conversion of the fine weaving mill to automatic looms
  • 1980: Delivery of 5,000 square metres of the stainless steel wire mesh DOKAWELL for the aviary at the Zoo Hellabrunn near Munich. The aviary designed by the architects Jörg Gribl and Frei Otto was an absolute novelty worldwide, technically, architecturally and zoologically, and is still considered to “state-of-the-art” today.

1988 - 2012

Based on the establishment and expansion of the production and sales area “Architectural wire mesh”, we opened up new markets and expanded our product range further.

  • 1994: Quality Management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000
  • Further expansion of the sales network in South America and Asia
  • 1. Form-Fill-Seal automation for granulates and powder
  • ROTOCLASSIC®, the modular construction ROTO-PACKER®
  • New markets for new packaging machines: Food and feed products, liquids and pasty products, products consisting of fine powder
  • Continuous further development of technology for increasing the product quality and product range: A new generation of automatic looms was introduced
  • A new business sector: HAVER architectural wire mesh
  • Development of the HAVER CPA measuring process - computer-assisted photo-optical particle analysis - as an addition to traditional particle analysis
  • Manufacture of wire mesh products for the automotive sector
  • Further development of filling technology – the FFS technology for powdery products
  • “125 JAHRE ZUKUNFT“ – the company anniversary


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2013 until today


We became ever more diverse through the addition of new, innovative products and solution portfolios. At the same one thing is very clear: We want to continue to be a family business!

  • The HAVER Automotive business area was certified according to ISO/TS 16949
  • IMAGIC WEAVE®, transparent media facades
  • Founding of the HAVER Academy, the further training platform of the HAVER Group for employees and customers
  • Future-proof: the new works for innovation management and automation
  • HAVER RPD HIFLO® High performance metal filter cloth – new weaving technology
  • ELEMENTRA®, the stationary packaging system and INTEGRA®, the fully automatic, pre-mounted and integrated packaging system
  • AMICUS®-robot family for complete, fully automatic and thus labour-saving packaging systems
  • Customer-specific filter elements with plastic injection moulding
  • PRO-CheckApp – accompanying the product flow of the plant operator from start to finish: Process engineering, diagnostics, consulting over the design of packaging, replacement part, modification and modernisation management
  • QUAT²RO® System Intelligence – a web-based system which can call up data, operating statuses, values and faults, throughout the world, in all available machines from the HAVER & BOECKER Group
  • AMICUS® robot family for complete, fully automatic and thus labour-saving packaging systems
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