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Pedestrian bridge Lisieux

Pedestrian bridge Lisieux

Fall protection with HAVER Architectural Mesh

The pedestrian bridge cladding of the train station in Lisieux, France, is covered with HAVER Architectural Mesh DOKA-MONO 1421 Vario. As part of the modernization and barrier-free design of the station, the architectural office "Pierre Lépinay Architecture" chose the aesthetic and functional properties of the metal mesh from Haver & Boecker.

The 6 meter wide and 84 meter long pedestrian bridge, which spans over all 4 railroad tracks, is a construction with unique geometric shapes especially designed for Lisieux. Stairs and elevators allow all passengers to access the landscaped platform of the pedestrian bridge. The wave-shaped side walls of the bridge are covered with painted architectural mesh. The architects of "Pierre Lépinay Architecture" utilized HAVER Architectural Mesh DOKA-MONO 1421 Vario made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to create a durable, safe and long-lasting bridge cladding.

From a square to a rectangular mesh
For the parapet cladding of the bridge, the stainless steel wire mesh DOKA-MONO 1421 Vario was manufactured according to the customer's individual specifications. In the bottom area, the wire mesh elements of the bridge have an open area of 64 % and above one meter height, the mesh size increases by more than three times. The resulting open area of 75% gives the fall protection significantly more transparency and lightness in the upper area. In terms of color, the customer's ideas were fully taken into account. In order to visually integrate the stainless steel mesh into the bridge structure, the mesh elements are painted in a special textured lacquer. The unique brown tone of the wire mesh completes the visual aesthetics of the bridge at the Lisieux train station.

In total, Haver & Boecker produced 64 different wire mesh elements with widths and lengths of up to 2.40 m. Due to the curved shape of the parapet cladding, the right and left sides of each individual mesh element are different in length.

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Lisieux, France


balustrade, falling protection

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