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Saving water with wire mesh

Brushing teeth, quenching thirst, cooking, washing, watering: Water is a scarce resource and will become even scarcer in the coming years due to climate change and the growing demand for water. It is therefore all the more important to save as much water as possible in everyday life.


Every day, water runs out of our taps and is used for daily hygiene, for cooking or as drinking water. Nowadays, many people take care not to let the water run when brushing their teeth, for example. This saves masses of water and protects water resources.

In addition to the responsible consumption of every individual in everyday life, manufacturers of sanitary equipment and accessories also have a duty to support households with a range of water-saving product solutions. These include low-flow showerheads, which ensure that air is mixed with the water flowing through them. They thus perform the same function as aerators in taps.

For decades, aerators or aerator filters made of metal wire mesh or plastic have ensured that the water bubbles out of our taps clearly, quietly and, above all, economically.

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Basically, the structure of aerator filters ensures that water flows more homogeneously. The even mesh structure of the wire mesh also ensures that air is mixed with the flowing water. This reduces the amount of water that flows through the tap at once.

But how exactly does this work? Water flows out of the tap at high speed, creating negative pressure. This sucks in the surrounding air and softens the water. It spreads over the mesh structure of the aerator screen and becomes more permeable. The supply of air becomes visible in the form of air bubbles and reduces the actual amount of water that ultimately flows out of the tap. By using less water, we protect the valuable resource "water".

Perlators made of stainless steel wire mesh convince with an exactly even mesh structure and a high flow rate. Compared to plastic products, they stand out especially from a sustainable point of view due to their very good regenerability, stability and recyclability.


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