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HAVER & BOECKER at INTERPACK: Hall 12, Stand A27

HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division will present itself together with the technology brands BEHN + BATES, AVENTUS, Feige FILLING, NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING and QUAT²RO at Interpack, Hall 12 Stand A27, from May 4 to 10, 2023.

Visitors can expect to see a packing line controlled fully automatically via the packaging, with the brand new depalletizer, a bag applicator equipped with a bag scanner and the rotating high-performance packer, the currently fastest FFS machine, a container filling station for pails and containers on pallets, and a lot of information about a new palletizer. The packing experts complete the Interpack appearance with digital system solutions.


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The exhibitors

With its technology brands and high-quality products, HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division is specialized in processing, transport, storage, mixing, filling, packing, palletizing and loading of bulk materials. The main focus of the Machinery Division is on the packing of powder products.

BEHN + BATES is the expert for filling and packaging of food products.

AVENTUS specializes in packing free-flowing bulk materials, such as chemical and petrochemical products, salt or fertilizer.

Feige FILLING is the market leader for filling liquid and pasty products.

Newtec Bag Palletizing is designing and producing palletizing systems and end-of-line solutions for industrial customers.

QUAT²RO offers digital product solutions for the control, monitoring and analysis of processes from incoming goods to packaging and logistics.

HAVER & BOECKER and BEHN + BATES show a complete packing line: new AMICUS depalletizer, the RADIMAT® automatic bag applicator and the ROTO-PACKER®

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The centerpiece of the joint Interpack appearance of HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division and BEHN + BATES is a high-performance packing line with an 8-spout ROTO-PACKER®, which is used in the building materials industry as well as in the food packing industry. The special feature of this line is that it is fully automatically controlled by the bags to be filled. By scanning an empty bag, the line receives the information on which product type is to be filled into which bag design. All filling line components then adjust to this bag type fully automatically.

At Interpack, the packing experts will demonstrate the entire process. After scanning, the new AMICUS depalletizer picks up the specified bag stacks from the pallet and places them on the holding table at the RADIMAT®. The bag scanner in the RADIMAT® reads the QR code for data transfer to the QUAT²RO® System Monitoring. Next the bags are automatically shot onto the spouts of the ROTO-PACKER® and processed.

The ROTO-PACKER® is equipped with eight spouts in two different designs for Interpack: Four spouts in BEHN + BATES design as SEAL Edition for sealing the bag valves after filling, four spouts in HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division design. Two different types of sample bags are used, which are provided with a QR code. The code contains the information on which spouts the bags are to be shot onto and with which product the bags are to be filled.

The new AMICUS depalletizer uses image recognition to locate the empty bag bundles instead of following a predefined layer configuration. This enables it, for example, to pick up empty bag bundles even if they are lying on the pallet at an angle. The entire filling process becomes much more reliable and the empty bag pallet is processed accurately and without residual bags.


Product, packaging, and machine technology are the so-called packing triangle, which forms a multivariable unit. The decisive basic for the design of the optimum filling technology and the customized packaging material is the product to be filled. In addition to the state-of-the-art packaging technology, the HAVER & BOECKER stand will feature a Tailormade Shop presenting the entire range of possible packaging as well as services related to the bags: From customized bag consulting to developing a bag design that matches the customer's brand message to the sale of the bags, complemented by approaches to recycle the emptied film bags.


The currently fastest FFS machine live - at the Interpack and as part of a show installation at AVENTUS in Warendorf

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The AVENTUS trade fair presentation and in-house exhibition will focus on digitalization and maximum packaging performance, showcasing the capabilities of the FFS bagging system TOPAS SF. With an hourly output of the entire packaging line of over 2,600 bags in real packaging operation, AVENTUS solutions offer many advantages, such as intuitive operation or data transparency with minimal personnel deployment, to make the packaging of free-flowing bulk materials particularly economical and efficient at the highest output.


Thanks to the modern design of the TOPAS SF, AVENTUS guarantees efficient filling of the latest modern film qualities, even those with a recycled content of up to 70%, without damage or product loss. To ensure reliable processing within the TOPAS SF, AVENTUS works closely with Windmöller & Hölscher, one of the parent companies of the Westphalian joint venture. The latest film formulations are regularly tested at the AVENTUS Technical Centre to ensure successful operation. This close relationship is also evident at Interpack, where their stands are directly adjacent to each other.


Under the motto of saving customers time, AVENTUS will be presenting a range of digitally controlled solutions at Interpack, such as Visual Assistance. With the help of the AVENTUS app, users can quickly troubleshoot any issues they may have, showing the AVENTUS specialist what they are seeing in real-time with both words and visuals. Moreover, AVENTUS will be pushing the boundaries of digital innovation during Interpack, introducing solutions for complete production management.


The new touch panel from Feige FILLING offers the most modern form of HMI

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The FEIGE WEB HMI was developed to meet customer requirements and it impresses with its multi-touch and gesture control as interface between operator and machine. Its particularly intuitive design ensures quick orientation and optimal use for employees, and consequently higher productivity and shorter training periods. Web technologies enable visualizations that meet all requirements. In addition, the new recipe management with grouped parameters provides an improved overview. Photos and videos now support alarm-related help texts for easy understanding.

At Interpack, FEIGE will present its semi-automatic product range with the new FEIGE WEB HMI. The two container filling stations for pails and containers on pallets with additional weighing base for canisters provide a view into FEIGE's semi-automatic product range. Product-specific designs are available over a wide range, such as the ELEMENTRA 29 drum filling station, which is presented here especially for filling highly viscous media. With the FEIGE servo-technology equipment variant, the semi-automatic drum filling station offers pneumatic components for base height adjustment and the lifting unit is electrically designed. The system is sustainable and forward-looking due to its energy-saving components.

AURUM bag palletizer from NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING – a perfect pallet as the best business card

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At Interpack, NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING will show an orientation clamp – one of the essential modules of the new AURUM palletizer for optimum fast bag alignment before palletizing. More than 2,000 palletizers & end-of-line solutions installed all over the world stand for themselves. NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING has now established a new norm with the launch of the AURUM in June 2022, the fastest granules palletizer on the market


The AURUM is perfectly adapted for the palletization of granules, micro-granules, pastilles, pellets & flakes in bags from 5 to 50 kg. Ideal for all bag types (FFS, open mouth, valve), the AURUM reaches a palletizing capacity of up to 2,800 bags/hour, depending on the type of bags, the type of products, the palletizing pattern & the pallet height.

With its energy-efficient motorization and energy-recovering drives, the AURUM helps to save resources and reduce energy costs. It is equipped with the latest hardware and software. Thanks to its intuitive touchscreen, the AURUM is easy to use and helps to position the bags correctly after a production stoppage. Maintenance is facilitated thanks to a great accessibility to all elements, even in the palletizing tower.

Digitale Abbildung und Optimierung der Wertschöpfungskette

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Transparency and efficiency are the keys to modern production. QUAT²RO stands for industry-specific digitalization solutions. QUAT²RO® system solutions can be used to optimize packaging, loading and mixing systems in particular. This is realized on the basis of the intelligent and holistic networking of all production steps as well as their integration into the logistical and organizational processes of a company. Visitors will experience the world of QUAT²RO® Production, Batch and Monitoring live at Interpack in the "Mission Control":

  • QUAT²RO® Production: From weighing, filling, checking and labeling to palletizing, customers use QUAT²RO Production to ensure seamless, digital information and data exchange, and achieve higher capacity utilization and consistent quality assurance through the automatic organization and management of their production.
  • QUAT²RO® Batch: Mixing process management ensures consistent product quality through a highly accurate sequence of process steps, automatic compliance with weights or quantities, and seamless tolerance monitoring and process documentation.
  • QUAT²RO® Monitoring: Customers receive automatic, self-evident and secure data on their production capacity utilization and the machine or line status in real time - anytime and anywhere. At Interpack, QUAT²RO will be demonstrating the integration of the new depalletizer into QUAT²RO® Monitoring.

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