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At this year's Achema HAVER & BOECKER will be represented with altogether three exhibition booths.

Hall 12.0, stand C1: HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving Division

Hall 4.1, Stand E78: HAVER & BOECKER Particle Analysis

Hall 3.0, stand F38: HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division

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HAVER & BOECKER Wire Weaving Division will be presenting innovative metal filter mesh

Conventional filter weaves with small pore sizes lead to reduced flow rates and considerable pressure losses in the production process. A new weaving technology developed by Haver & Boecker creates a three-dimensional pore geometry that offers filtration properties that cannot be achieved with conventional woven metal filter media. It makes industrial filtration processes quicker, safer and more efficient. Visitors can learn more about it during a live presentation at the stand C1 in hall 12.0 daily at 10 h (German) and 13 h (English).

In addition, the Wire Weaving Division will show innovative and proven products made of metal wire cloth, filter and sieve cloth: filters and fabricated parts, POROSTAR® woven wire cloth laminates and filter elements, industrial wire screens as well as ultrasonic screening systems.

HAVER Particle Analysis shows multiple Product Solutions

On stand E78 in Hall 4.1, HAVER Particle Analysis will be presenting highlights from its extensive product range for particle shape and size analysis. From conventional sieve analysis to dynamic image analysis.


From Machinery Division to Service Division

Together with its technology subsidiaries Feige FILLING, AVENTUS and HAVER Automation, HAVER & BOECKER will be presenting the development of its Machinery Division to a Service Division using a hybrid booth at ACHEMA, hall 3.0 booth F38. Visitors can expect models and machines directly on site, an intensive and comprehensive live digital program with streaming for a 360-degree view, and filling and palletizing processes by real machines. In addition, there will be the possibility to connect to the respective technical experts in the facilities in Oelde and Warendorf and interactively get answers to questions on current topics.

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HAVER & BOECKER Machinery Division will be presenting new products from its ADAMS® series

Clean, weatherproof and safe: these are features that also meet high hygiene requirements. With the ADAMS® technology, powder products are filled into preformed bags made from a continuous tubular film. During filling, air is extracted from the bag with the aid of a vibrating lance and a compactor. Next the packaging itself is hermetically sealed. The result: completely sealed and very compact bags. At Achema, HAVER & BOECKER will be presenting new technical solutions for the ADAMS® technology, which can be used to fill an extended range of products, especially for the pharmaceutical industry.

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A new touchscreen from Feige FILLING offers the most modern type of HMI

The FEIGE WEB HMI was developed and adapted to suit customer requirements. Its multi-touch and gesture control as the interface between man and machine impresses its users. A particularly intuitive design ensures quick orientation and optimum use by employees and consequently higher productivity and shorter training times are achieved. In addition, the new recipe management with grouped parameters provides an improved overview. Photos and videos now support alarm-related help texts for easy understanding. At Achema the new FEIGE WEB HMI will be presented live for the first time on the ELEMENTRA 19 semi-automatic drum filling station.

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AVENTUS introduces one of the currently fastest FFS machines

With an hourly output of over 2,600 bags, the TOPAS SF offers several advantages on the international market which makes the packing of free-flowing bulk materials particularly economical and efficient. The machine features a high protection against dust contamination and thus contributes to a cleaner working environment. The integrated operating system requires very little maintenance and is designed for production at maximum output.

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HAVER Automation: less downtime thanks to intelligent systems

The QUAT²RO® System Intelligence covers the entire range of digital options for intelligent networking, control and analysis of machines. The system has been significantly enhanced and today offers, among other things, the integration of an OEE system that reveals optimization potential through complex key figures. The newly developed QUAT²RO® Batch System, which documents every product batch to support quality management, will also be presented. The systems from HAVER Automation provide data in real time and enable direct connection with experts in case of critical situations. Early detection of potential maintenance problems, cost reduction and optimum resource planning are just some of the many advantages of intelligent systems that are individually adapted to specific customer requirements.


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