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HR development

Our HR development supports you throughout the period of employment. We continuously support your professional development and specifically prepare you for taking on new projects. The supervisor determines a qualification requirement, whereby the associated procedures are then planned and implemented. We specifically promote and develop leadership skills.

We accompany organisational development projects with tailor-made workshops. In addition, we support team development processes.

We have formulated the following HR principles as an expression of our self-perception and stance:

  1. Our HR development, as a strategic partner, represents sensible processes, service orientation and the balance between corporate and employee interests.
  2. Our HR development designs the instruments for HR selection, promotion, support, evaluation and organizational development according to requirements and needs.
  3. Our HR development advises, accompanies and supports the executives when performing their task as an on-site HR developer.
  4. Our HR development starts with the early selection of staff and does not end when the employees leave.
  5. Our HR development is closely interlocked with in-house training and further education.

The executives at Haver & Boecker consider themselves to be responsible for their staff. They serve as an example and represent the values of Haver & Boecker. This includes sincerity, respect, reliability and a sense of belonging.

The guidelines for our executives are:

  1. Creating lasting success
  2. Enabling further development of the staff 
  3. Creating a foundation for motivation and performance
  4. Customer orientation
  5. Being a role model for a willingness to change
  6. Aiming for success

We derive the principles for leadership from the further instruments and procedures for HR development.

The annual performance review is our central management and HR development tool. Away from the day-to-day business, the executives and staff calmly discuss the aspects of cooperation, the performance, the objectives and development procedures. Opportunities arise from this for our staff, our executives and our company.

For our employees

Our employees get the opportunity to discuss the level of cooperation and performance in retrospect. At the same time, by taking a look at future objectives, agreements for the following year are specified. The current and future tasks are the basis for deriving specific steps for further professional development.

For our executives

Our executives receive a sustainable tool for staff management. The performance review assists in improving communications, since the mutual expectations between superiors and employees are clearly defined. The concluded agreements are demand-orientated whilst simultaneously taking into account the strengths and potentials of our staff.

For our company

The annual performance review imparts our values and our culture. It assists in transferring our corporate goals to the staff and ensures that our employees are able to cope with the new challenges through continuous further development. The positive development of our staff throughout the company is however decisive.

Analysis of the potential is initially aimed at determining the strengths, weaknesses and development areas. In the next stage, specific HR development procedures are derived, in order to be able to optimally employ the strengths, compensate for competence deficits and continue to focus on the future requirements of your sector.

Our employees are specifically prepared for future positions. A development requirement is initially analysed in a discussion between supervisors and employees. Based on the envisaged objectives, the development procedures are agreed in the next step, no matter whether it is on-the-job, off-the-job or near-the-job. 

During an international assignment, the personal, specialist and social competencies will be further developed. Haver & Boecker offers internships and assignments abroad within its subsidiary companies.
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