Processing of drilling fluids

"Time is cash, time is money": On a drilling platform, this is especially true. Every minute counts, any downtime results in loss of money. When processing drilling fluids, high flow rates and reliable results are particularly important. Haver & Boecker offers wire mesh solutions for all types of screening machines, even your own new invention, enabling you to achieve exactly these two goals.


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Our focus

The tasks of drilling fluids

When searching for new oil deposits or developing new oil fields, you first have to do one thing – you have to drill. Hereby drilling fluids have an important task, as they must cool the drill bit and withstand the pressure as soon as you hit oil while drilling. Depending on the earth formation, fine but also coarser particles contaminate the drilling fluid every time you drill. Before you can use the fluid again, you must screen or filter these particles.


Our Job

Certified solutions with high flow rates

In the treatment of drilling fluids you can realize the best screening result with classic square or innovative rectangular openings. We ensure that your system meets the required d100 values of the individual API classes. For the coarser particles as well as for the very fine ones – from API 10 to API 325.

When it comes to the development of mesh solutions for the oil industry, our focus is the flow. We calculate all flow related values before the wire cloth goes into production. The so-called "conductance" is an essential part of API 13C. The value given in kD/mm (kilo Darcy per millimeter) describes the permeability of the wire mesh screen, both for single-layer and multi-layer designs. Our rectangular meshes offer a higher conductance than square meshes, even for fine separation cuts from API 140 to API 200, which is not self-evident.

Simulation of uniform flow through a filter mesh. Simulation of uniform flow through a filter mesh. Simulation of uniform flow through a filter mesh.
Simulation of uniform flow through a filter mesh.

Our expertise

Individual solutions for best results

Haver & Boecker is not a "me-too" supplier. We have mesh solutions on hand and develop application-specific solutions for all types of screening machines, but especially for your new developments. In addition to the production of suitable wire cloth, we support you in the development of ready-to-install panels, which we manufacture individually for you. No matter what kind of edging you are looking for: metal, plastic or textile – with our existing manufacturing capabilities, we are certain to find the right solution for your application.


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