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Create your own design mesh

The starting signal for the 'Create your Own' campaign has been given

With design mesh from Haver & Boecker, you have found a sustainable material for your interior project that is stable and at the same time malleable and stands out from the crowd in its interplay of look and feel. Now you have the chance to combine your creativity and our technical know-how and customise this mesh according to your taste or the ideas of your customer.

We will now weave your design mesh

Be part of our development

With the expansion of our weaving technology, there are many new possibilities for the development of new design mesh types. As part of the 'Create your Own' campaign, we would like to invite you to join our team to create your individual design mesh at discounted rates.

What do you have to do for this? Just send us the desired weaving pattern by 30th April 2023 and talk to us about colours and materials.

In May, the details will be finalised before we weave the patterns in June.

img-23198 img-23198 img-23198
Many materials are already available in stock - from special metal wires and enamelled copper wires to PET monofilaments in various RAL colours.

Your new design is based on the following parameters:

Weaving machine: Shedding: Dobby
Weaving width: 1.20 m
Drawing-in (sequence of wire feeding in weaving machines): straight through, 16 shafts
img-23202 img-23202 img-23202
This schematic representation of the weaving pattern illustrates the crossing points of the wires and facilitates the weaving process.
  Warp [lengthwise] Weft [transverse]
Diameter: 2x 0.08 mm 0.25 mm
Material: stainless steel stainless steel
    PET monofilament*
    enamelled copper wire
    other materials on request
Meshcount: 70 wires per 25.4 mm (2-fold) 50-80 wires per 25.4 mm (variable depending on material)
Colour change:   3-fold colour changer
img-24078 img-24078 img-24078
*Graphite black RAL 9011, Bright red orange RAL 2008, Blue lilac RAL 4005, Dusty grey RAL 7037, Silver grey RAL 7001, Oyster white RAL 1013, Gentian blue RAL 5010, Nut brown RAL 8011, Mint green RAL 6029
  • We also keep designing
    First samples with new weaving technology

Allowance for your creations:

Variety: 10 test types 1 type 3 types <5 types
Dimensions: 0.1 rm. x 1.20 m 5 rm. x 1.20 m 5 rm. x 1.20 m 5 rm. x 1.20 m
Price: 500 EUR 600 EUR 500 EUR per type 400 EUR per type

This offer is valid until 30th April 2023 [incl. commissioning and sending of data] or until we reach our capacity limit.
Special requests, e.g. alternative weft materials, by agreement.


Would you like to have a different drawing-in? Is your colour not included? Do you have a special weft material in mind or even at hand?
Please contact us. We will be happy to check the possibilities of developing new mesh types entirely according to your ideas.

We look forward to your ideas

Contact us by phone or email if you are interested in our range and would like to create your own exclusive design mesh - whether made entirely from metal wires or as a hybrid mesh.

Do you have any questions?
I'm looking forward to helping you:
Florian Alsmann
Product Manager Design Mesh
Wire Weaving Division
Ennigerloher Str. 64
59302 Oelde, Germany