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Reference projects using HAVER Architectural Mesh

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, it is best to form your own picture of our diverse wire meshes - and let yourself be inspired by projects that have already been implemented. Each of them contains all the expertise from hundreds of projects and more than 130 years of experience in the production and processing of wire mesh. Always with the aim of achieving the best result for our customers.

In our extensive and well-stocked reference overview, you will find many successfully completed projects using HAVER Architectural Mesh. Convince yourself of the variety of applications and the quality of our wire mesh and let the projects we have already completed show you the high standards of our work.

Silvertown Tunnel London

Silvertown Tunnel London

In the heart of London, on the Greenwich Peninsula, the new Boord Street Footbridge is a successful example of modern construction. The use of high-quality architectural mesh has not only significantly improved the aesthetics of the bridge, but also its functionality.

An innovative project in London

The Boord Street Footbridge, designed by renowned dRMM Architects and realised on behalf of Transport for London (TfL), connects key walking and cycling routes across the Greenwich Peninsula. Completed in 2024, the bridge replaces an older structure and adapts to the new requirements of the A102 road layout. The project involved the installation of a total of 1,390 m² of architectural mesh for the bridge's parapet. The use of DOKAWELL-MONO 3021 metal wire mesh is an optimal solution that fulfils both functional and aesthetic requirements.

Functional and aesthetic advantages of architectural mesh

Architectural mesh made of metal wire, such as the DOKAWELL-MONO 3021 used, offers a combination of unique aesthetics and robust functionality. With an open area of 69% and a weight of 3.7 kg/m², this wire mesh creates a high level of transparency and has a delicate appearance. At the same time, it guarantees reliable safety and stability, which is why it is particularly suitable as fall protection. DOKAWELL-MONO 3021 wire mesh is characterised by its ability to create punctual light reflections, making the bridge stand out visually.

Challenges and sustainable solutions

A project of this size and importance poses particular challenges. The construction phases had to be planned precisely in order to minimise the closure of the busy road. The choice of material also played a decisive role. Stainless steel wire mesh not only provides the required robustness and aesthetics, but also allows for easy inspection and cleaning of the steel structure underneath. Thanks to its additional corrosion resistance, the bridge requires little maintenance in the long term.

The Boord Street Footbridge shows how modern architectural solutions can be realised in an effective and aesthetically pleasing way. The innovative use of architectural mesh enables a harmonious integration of functionality and design that fulfils the requirements of contemporary building projects.


London, Great Britain


falling protection, balustrade

Object Type

bridges / tunnel


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