Connected to the customer, also after sale and machine start-up

Press release from 2015-08-25

Packing specialist HAVER & BOECKER OHG is expanding its remote service by adding the HAVER Service Pad.

HAVER & BOECKER supports its customers after the sale and start-up of a system or machine. Remote diagnosis and maintenance of the client’s system is also possible via the Internet through HAVER Service within the scope of a remote service for rendering technical services via a network. The Oelde-Westphalia, Germany, based company has expanded its customer support program by adding the HAVER Service Pad.

The Service Pad is a robust industrial PC tablet equipped with a camera for taking photos and videos, and various software products that, for example, control machines and systems. A connection is done via WLAN. Thanks to the wireless connection, it can be used at any plant location. “Our Service Pad increases operating comfort in everyday operation,” says Klaus Siewecke, Head of Customer Support at HAVER & BOECKER. That is one advantage of the HAVER Service Pad.

With an Internet connection to the Service Pad, the specialists at HAVER & BOECKER have access to all machine and plant-relevant software, e.g. the machine control or weigher electronics. One press of a button on the Service Pad is all it takes for the HAVER & BOECKER specialists to localize possible faults in the event of disruptions. This leads to rapid trouble-shooting or allows an immediate deployment of service.

“The Service Pad is the latest building block that serves to further increase plant availability and minimizes downtime. This allows plant operators to maximize output, also in 24/7 operation,” says Alfons Lütke-Cosmann, General Manager Business Unit HAVER Service, on the special customer advantage.

The HAVER & BOECKER experts not only offer support in operating the software, but they are also there when it comes to removing mechanical damage. A video-conference software here facilitates communication between the operator and HAVER Service. Using the built-in camera the machine operator takes a photo of the defective component and sends it to the manufacturer. This allows faults to be identified immediately, precise assistance for repair can follow, and necessary spare parts can be determined rapidly.

The operator is able to send a fault message directly over to HAVER Service without further explanation. The HAVER & BOECKER specialists know immediately what it is about and how to help the customer without misunderstandings because of language barriers. This considerably eases and simplifies communication and minimizes possible sources of errors.

Fundamentally the HAVER Service Pad can be retrofitted on all HAVER & BOECKER machines and plants. The only prerequisite is that the plant is capable of remote communication. There has to be the possibility for remote maintenance.

The HAVER Service Support Group assures the establishment of customer contact and is specialized in First-Level-Support. Using an extensive FAQ databank the 6-person team is able to process a large majority of the incoming queries. The appropriate experts from specific individual fields are brought in for a more in-depth look with the aim of further assisting the customer in a prompt and uncomplicated manner.