Official COVID-19 information from HAVER & BOECKER OHG

Dear business partners and friends,

As of today, 29.04.2020, we are available for you with our products and services with almost no restriction.

Within the framework of our two-phase working time system, we are currently available for you from at least 7:15h to 20:15h.

Please understand that due to the staggered working hours, direct telephone contact with your contact person is only guaranteed at certain times!

As a customer of Haver & Boecker Machinery Division you can also contact our 24/7 hotline by phone Phone +49 2522 30-371 or by email ( Furthermore, we invite you to find out what else we can do for you in a digital way during this time. Just click on our "You can count on us" campaign of the Machinery Division under:

As a customer of Haver & Boecker Wire Weaving Divsion you can also send your inquiries by email to in addition to the usual ways.

Since the beginning, we have taken the dynamic developments around the Corona Pandemic very seriously and have been following them closely in order to react as quickly and appropriately as possible.

As an independent, family-run company with a long tradition, our employees as well as our business partners and friends are particularly close to our heart, which is why their safety and health are our top priority.

For this reason, extensive precautionary and preventive measures are in place at our headquarters in Oelde, and at our numerous international locations. 

Our foucs is, on one hand to protect our workforce, to contain the further spread of the corona virus as effectively as possible and, on the other hand, to continue to maintain our business operations (in production and administration) in the best interests of our customers.

We continuously align orr guidelines and measures with the latest developments and the guidelines and recommendations of experts in the responsible regional authorities. In addition, the specially formed crisis management team is in close contact with the local company medical centers and authorities and is responsible for the implementation of and compliance with our comprehensive information and prevention measures.

The following measures have already been implemented since the spread of COVID-19 became known.

  • Formation of a pandemic crisis team that is responsible for all the required procedures for prevention and coordination.
  • Transparent preparation of pandemic and emergency plans for all global locations.
  • Establishment of a corona hotline and registration office (accessible by phone and email).
  • Introduction of strict reporting obligations and processes for our employees in case of possible symptoms, for those who have been travelling to crisis areas an for those who have been in contact with possible suspected cases or infected persons since the outbreak of the pandemic.
  • Return of our Haver & Boecker service technicians, fitters and expatriates worldwide.
  • Avoidance of internal and external face-to-face meetings as far as possible, avoidance of business trips and participation in and organization of major events.
  • Expansion of the necessary IT infrastructure for alternative or extended use of digital communication channels (telephone, e-mail, video conferences and web meeting tools).
  • Provision of additional mobile working capacity. 
  • Division of the entire workforce into two independently operating teams and introduction of a cross-company two-phase working time model.
  • Consistent avoidance of direct personal contact between employees from the production and administration areas.
  • Formation of back-up teams to ensure important key functions.
  • Intensified hygiene and disinfection measures in all areas of the company (e.g. hand disinfection dispensers in all sanitary areas and other relevant locations as well as regular disinfection of door handles and handrails).
  • Comprehensive behavioural and hygiene information at all the info-points of the company.
  • Information on "Social Distancing" via the IMAGIC WEAVE® LED media facade of the Haver & Boecker Wire Weaving Division, which is widely visible from the outside.
  • Regular Corona newsletter of the crisis management team to all employees.

All these measures have so far successfully ensured that the virus has not found its way into the company. At present, this enables us to continue to be a reliable partner for our customers and to further strengthen our business.

We are aware how important our products, services and machinery are for the production and processes as well as for the ability of our customers to act. That is why safeguarding the delivery chain and the supply of those partners who rely on us all over the world has the highest priority.

In many countries, Haver & Boecker Drahtweberei is considered to be an “indispensable” company since a continuous supply of their wire cloth products and filter solutions is essential for production and processing operations in major industries. This includes, e.g. the foodstuffs industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, oil and gas production, the medical equipment sector as well as the environmental and waste management industry. 

Please be assured, that we will do everything in our power during these challenging times to maintain our production capability and our ability to act in order to safeguard the financial well-being and the jobs of our employees whilst continuing to develop our company on a stable foundation even after this crisis has passed.

We are already looking forward to being able to be at your service when the time is ripe so that we can jointly continue to develop based on the achieved successes.

Finally, we should like to thank you for your continued trust and cooperative partnership now and in the future!

Stay safe and: “Good Luck!


Your Haver & Boecker OHG
Walter Haver   |   Florian Festge  |    Niklas Haver  |   Dr. Fabian Festge