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Internships for...

Pupils in years 8, 9 and 10 at general secondary schools can do a two or three-week internship at HAVER & BOECKER to explore the professional and working world. They receive an insight into the demands of the working world and in this way can gain an impression of possible careers and occupational aspects.

Mentors accompany you during your informative journey through the commercial, technical and industrial departments of the Wire Weaving Division and the Machinery Division. This will involve following a defined training plan, which will acquaint you with the diverse demands and conditions at the workplace, the operational production process and the industrial company as a social structure.

If you have any questions, Mr Shane Homeyard, phone +49 2522 30 8620 will be glad to assist you.

Please send us your application for a student internship as soon as possible, since the number of applications is considerably higher than the number of available internships.

Are you looking for an internship (1 to 3 months), a compulsory internship before the start of your studies, or a voluntary internship during your semester vacation? Then this is the right place for you. We enable university students to gain experience through an internship within our company. You can independently process complex tasks within the various functional departments. It goes without saying that an experienced member of staff will be happy to assist in the event of any questions and requests.


We will gladly coordinate topics and timing with you so as to accommodate your individual requirements.


If you have questions, Ms Petra Schmänk, phone +49 2522 30 8513 will be glad to assist you.

As a precondition for your technical studies (e.g. mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering), do you require a pre- and/or basic internship? We can offer you assistance here: With a pre- and/or basic technical internship at HAVER & BOECKER in Oelde, after gaining your university entrance qualifications you can obtain practical experience and establish the formal preconditions for your studies.


We set up your internship in line with the internship guidelines of your preferred university, so that you will receive the basic technical knowledge required for starting a technical course of studies.

Since our free places are limited, the pre- and/or basic technical internship is provided between 1 June 2017 and 28 July 2017. We will gladly coordinate the precise timing with you.

In this regard, please note the application period from 1 December 2016 to 31 March 2017.


If you have questions, Mr Shane Homeyard, phone +49 2522 30 8620 will be glad to assist you.