QUAT²RO® System Intelligence

The smart solution for your plant of the future from your HAVER Service 
We want you to achieve your set goals. Together we have a vision: to develop intelligent systems of the highest quality and to implement remote networking with the best possible efficiency. 
Position your company as market leader with the QUAT2RO® SYSTEM INTELLIGENCE and become part of our QUAT2RO® family. 

QUAT²RO® Monitoring

Make your systems transparent.
With QUAT²RO® Monitoring you have your production in view at any time and from anywhere.

QUAT²RO® Remote Service

Make your systems communicative.
With QUAT²RO® Remote Service you enable your machines to talk to our experts at any time. 

QUAT²RO® Monitoring

Overview of the key functions

Haver & Boecker

Real-time data in the dashboard

Haver & Boecker

Scheduled machine maintenance

Haver & Boecker

Customized reporting

Haver & Boecker

Push notification system

Haver & Boecker

Interface to the service team  

QUAT²RO® Monitoring 

Selected advantages for your responsible persons
Work together in one tool for all departments .

Managing Director

You are Managing Director?

− Increase your sales − Optimize your workload
− Maximize your output

Plant Manager

You are Plant Manager?

- Monitor the production performance of all your machines in real time
Increase your efficiency by comparing different machine data
- Optimize your resource planning

Maintenance Manager

You are Maintainer?

− Detect your wear at an early stage
− Proactively plan your maintenance intervals based on the machine data
− Call up maintenance aids


You are Operator?

− Monitor production performance
− Check the effect of your machine settings
− Document faults, processes and results in the logbook

QUAT²RO® Remote Service


Haver & Boecker

Worldwide remote access

Haver & Boecker

Visual support

Haver & Boecker

Quick support

Haver & Boecker

Data security

Haver & Boecker

Maximum usability 

Tailored to your requirements, fast and flexible.


You want to reduce downtimes?

With the QUAT²RO Remote Immediate Help, you can take immediate action in emergencies without having to wait for an expert to arrive

Process optimization

You want to optimize your process?

Use the system also for planned maintenance procedures, machine settings or for general knowledge transfer with an expert

Cost reduction

You want to reduce your costs?

Avoiding trips and daily rates saves your wallet

Public image

You want to make a contribution?

The reduced CO2 emissions have a positive effect on the environment and thus also on the image of your company.

Dennis Friemel

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Dennis Friemel
Product Manager of HAVER QUAT²RO® System Intelligence

Andreas Hansow

Andreas Hansow
Product Manager of HAVER QUAT²RO® System Intelligence

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