The HAVER Academy

Securing the company's long-term success with continuing education

The HAVER Academy is the continuing education platform for our employees and customers.

Qualified and motivated employees are the prerequisites for the competitiveness of a company. Those who expect high performance from employees have to invest in their skills.

Investment in professional, methodical, social and personal skills

The constant willingness to learn, to question usual routines, and to try new ways are decisive factors for success today. The stated goal of the HAVER Academy is to support our employees in lifelong learning and to train the employees of our customers on how to use HAVER technology. The focus is to invest in their professional, methodical, social, and personal skills. The offer is designed to promote the leading technology of the Wire Weaving and Machinery Divisions, to enhance trust with customers and to secure the long-term success of the company.

"It is the effective continuation of our predecessor's policy and an expansion of our range of services to our employees and customers,“ says the management of HAVER & BOECKER.

Offering a broad range of courses

Leading technology demands competent persons who know how to handle it. To gain the maximum benefit from intelligent technology, you need special knowledge and capabilities. We have a broad range of courses to meet these requirements. The continuing education program includes in addition to IT, language and work methods seminars, also training measures for employees in production and commerical and technical departments. Also health and society-relevant units are offered.

Strengthening the industrial location of Oelde

In addition to investing in the skills of employees and customers, the HAVER Academy also serves to strengthen the industrial location of Oelde and to counteract the lack of skilled workers in our rural region.