Our standard

As a traditional family company, we are proud of the share of highly motivated employees who have remained with us for years. Loyalty to the company is not something that just falls from the sky. People are always at the centre when it comes to technological progress and restructuring within the company. Mutual trust, reliability and consistency are values that are at the top of the list at all hierarchal levels.

Education as the cornerstone

The large share of employees who have stayed with us for years is proof that one enjoys working at HAVER & BOECKER. The cornerstone for a motivated workforce was laid decades ago. We enable people to get a highly qualified, high level education.

Continuing education for employees

Also the continuing education of our employees is a top priority. The HAVER Academy is our own in-house continuing education platform. It offers everyone the opportunity to invest in their own professional, methodical, social and personal expertise in order to remain up-to-date.

Dedication along the educational chain

With our dedication along the educational chain, from kindergarten to elementary school and up to university, our primary aim is to arouse the interest to work within industry. Moreover, we wish to educate our future employees locally and to induce skilled employees to remain in our beautiful rural region.

Health and security

Health and security at the workplace have top priority. Our plant physician and safety specialists care for the needs of the employees and always keep their welfare in mind. In addition, there are sports activities and free-of-charge presentations on certain health issues for the employees.

Social dedication

Already since the establishment of the Carl-Haver-Foundation in 1937, the company has demonstrated that it takes its social responsibility for its employees and the surrounding region seriously. Today HAVER & BOECKER acts supportively at almost every societal level, and is committed to church, culture, athletics and education.