Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture is the result of the mutual history of our company and its employees. It is what binds us. It molds our actions and decisions. It creates a sense of cummunity and an atmosphere where every employee is accepted, is free of fear and unfairness. It stands for our basic values.


We make it easy for young mothers to re-enter their careers through part-time work. Young fathers may take parental leave. Our worktimes are flexible and can be between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Flat management structure

As a family-led, midsize company, we have a clear administrative structure. The advantages are short decision paths and rapid reaction times. Our management places great value on having regular contact with employees.

Dedication to education, science and culture

Through various foundations, memberships in associations and organisations, as well as donations to church and social institutions, for decades we have been dedicated in the areas of education, science and culture.

The social dedication of our employees

One strongly bonding element are the common social activities of many employees who support the institutions in the region and outside of Germany.

Donations for projects in India and Brazil are collected through bike tours (Oelder Schwalben tour) and car wash actions.

Guiding corporate values

Innovation, tradition and partnership are values we live by.

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