Motivation for the smallest

Commitment to the educational chain, from kindergarten to elementary school and on to university. For us that means an investment in the future workforce. Moreover, it is a strengthening of the industry around Oelde and it acts to counter the lack of skilled workers in our rural region.

Scientific/technical education at pre-schools in Oelde

Arousing the technical interest of pre-school children, satisfying their scientific curiosity: that has been possible in Oelde since 2009! At many companies in Oelde, apprentices have literally been taking 3 to 6-year olds and showing them their world of work. Here the young children are shown what role natural sciences and technology play in the work day of adults.

A prerequisite was a pilot project that the City of Oelde, the regional authority of Westphalia Lippe (LWL), the Oelde Economic Initiative Group and the Initiative for the Future Through Innovation in North Rhine Westphalia started in cooperation with all schools in Oelde in 2009. This was all initiated by a children's book project at HAVER & BOECKER. Today the project in Oelde is considered as exemplary and serves as a model for many communities in North Rhine Westphalia.

After undergoing an appropriate qualification, kindergarten teachers lead young children in a fun way through technical and scientific topics. With curiosity, passion to discover, and the spirit to invent, they get to the root of questions they encounter daily. During "Stöbertagen“ (Rummage Days) the young children visit plants in Oelde with their teachers. Here they encounter topics and get a look at the working world of their own parents. These experiences are valuable for them and for the apprentices who accompany them.

The "Stöbertage“ are now a fixed part of companies in Oelde. Are you interested in spending a morning with your kindergarten children at our company? Please contact our traning director.

Technology parcourse for elementary school children

Also elementary school children can get a look at the exciting world of work at our company. We gladly take classes on a company tour or support teachers in handling technical topics. Similar to the "Stöbertagen" (Rummage Days) for pre-schoolers, our apprentices are at the disposal of groups of school children and explain interesting technical and scientific phenomena on a technology parcourse. Often times the school children learn something about the working world of their own parents.

As an elementary schoolteacher, are you interested in taking your pupils to our company? Please contact our training director!