Christoph Schwichtenhövel


Hi! My name is Christoph Schwichtenhövel. In 2009 in Oelde at HAVER & BOECKER I began a dual study program for Bunsiness Administration - Bachelor of Arts - with an integrated apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. In addition to my apprenticeship and the possibility already to earn money during my studies, I was especially excited by the international perspectives of the company.

Already during my apprenticeship I was able to complete a 4-week internship at our subsidiary company HAVER & BOECKER Latinoamericana (HBL) in Brazil. This allowed me to get to know a new culture and the everyday working life on another continent. On location I was able to get a glimpse inside the various departments of the 150-employee company. After just a short orientation, period I was able in part to work independently. Our Brazilian colleagues made the effort to explain their work in detail and presented their areas of responsibility, thus allowing me to get an overview of worklife in Brazil.

I'm very grateful HAVER & BOECKER gave me this great opportunity, and I can only recommend it to everyone else! In addition to the work, it was also very interesting to pick up a new language, to get to know another culture, and to form new friendships.

In increasingly globalised markets, it is an advantage to have experience in a foreign country. For me the first step has been completed and I look forward to more in the future!