• Certification and calibration
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Certification and calibration

For sustainable and compliant quality assurance

Test sieves and test sieve shakers are among the testing and measuring equipment that must be certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9000 ff and regularly inspected in operation. You will therefore, accordingly, receive comprehensive test certificates for all of our products as well as services relating to flawless quality assurance.

Certification of test sieves

So that you can rely on your sieving results

We use a calibrated screen measuring system for certification and calibration of new and used test sieves – stationary in our factory laboratory or mobile at your site.

The Haver BSA measuring system meets the requirements of ISO 3310-1 and ASTM E11 for test sieves in the respective current version. We also carry out the checks as re-certification or re-calibration.

We can also check your sieves in our HAVER calibration laboratory, which is accredited to DIN EN ISO /IEC 17025 DAkkS. Calibration here is carried out in accordance with ISO 3310-1 for sieves with test sieve fabric and is performed under special measuring conditions.

Important: This check can only be carried out in our accredited calibration laboratory in Oelde. 

Adjustment and calibration of test sieve shakers

We get your machines into top shape

We check your test sieve shakers either in our factory or directly at your site for function, safety and condition. At the same time, we readjust or calibrate the screening machines - of course always according to your respective requirements.

After successful testing, we provide the test screening machine with a test seal and issue an acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to DIN EN 10204.

Maintenance and calibration of HAVER CPA units

Individual service for all of your measuring technology

Just as with the classic sieve analysis, the following also applies to dynamic image analysis: The proper functioning of your measuring device is the basic prerequisite for reliable results. With a comprehensive service around our CPA instruments for particle size and shape analysis, we ensure this flawless function.

Going into specifics, our individual service includes the following services:

  • extensive functional test
  • calibration with certified test equipment
  • documentation of the results
  • cleaning of functionally relevant components
  • installation of a software update (if technically possible and necessary)
  • creation of a data backup - with back-up on an HB server (if desired)
  • attaching an inspection sticker to the unit
  • issue of an acceptance test certificate 3.1
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