HAVER test sieves
Standard-compliant and completely accurate

HAVER test sieves

Recognised measuring instruments for every purpose

Haver & Boecker is your contact for all cases: simply because we offer you the right test sieve that complies with the standards for every screening task. Standard test sieves made out of stainless steel are just as much a part of our range as test sieves for grain analysis or test sieves with beechwood frames. Hand screening, conventional screening, dry or wet screening: Analyse bulk solids from 5 µm to 125 mm.

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Very accurate and extremely stable

All HAVER test sieves are manufactured in compliance with the current test sieve standards. They are all characterised by particular accuracy and stability

That is: You can always rely on our test sieves. High-quality frame materials, the extremely stable screen construction developed by us and careful workmanship guarantee a long service life and the perfect functioning of our test sieves.

For sustainable and compliant quality assurance, we provide you with comprehensive test certificates and services. Whether it is recertification of the measuring equipment in our works laboratory – tested according to DIN EN 10204 with acceptance test certificate 3.1 or by our accredited calibration laboratory for test sieves with metal mesh according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The recertification and the calibration procedure carried out ensure traceability to the national measurement standard.

Test sieve made of stainless steel and metal wire mesh Test sieve made of stainless steel and metal wire mesh Test sieve made of stainless steel and metal wire mesh
Test sieve with a 200x50 mm stainless steel frame

Test sieves with a stainless steel frame and nominal sizes from 5 µm

We equip our standard test sieves with a stainless steel sieve frame with a wire mesh sieve tray or robust perforated plates in accordance with DIN ISO 3310.

If your focus is on tighter tolerances, our "Gold" grade sieves are the right choice. The test sieves with elcectroformed sheets are suitable for the finest materials from 5 µm.

Special test sieves for grain, tobacco and rock Special test sieves for grain, tobacco and rock Special test sieves for grain, tobacco and rock
Grain sieve with a 200x32 mm stainless steel frame

Our special test sieves for grain, tobacco and rock

We also offer you the right test sieves for the analysis of grain and tobacco. In addition to our standard sieves, we mainly use sieves with long perforations that are manufactured according to a special grain standard. We manufacture special grid sieves to determine the flatness index for aggregates.

ALPINE air jet sieve e200 LS 203x28 mm

ALPINE test sieves with mesh sizes from 20 µm

If you are familiar with the ALPINE air jet test sieve machine, then you are certainly also familiar with the Haver & Boecker test sieves specially made for it. With the help of these test sieves you can analyse the finest dry bulk materials.

In addition to the sieves for the 200 LS and 200 LS-N, we also manufacture the version for the e 200 LS with fully automatic sieve detection.

Wooden framed sieve with nominal diameters from 40 µm Wooden framed sieve with nominal diameters from 40 µm Wooden framed sieve with nominal diameters from 40 µm
Test sieve with beechwood frame 300x300 mm

Test sieves with beechwood frames with nominal diameters from 40 µm

HAVER test sieves with wooden frames are the ideal alternative to our large stainless steel versions. For hand screening of coarse materials, we recommend the lighter test sieves with beechwood frames.

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Metal wire mesh fabric
  • perforated plate
  • Square perforated sheet made out of galvanised steel
  • Cylindrical stainless steel rods
  • DIN ISO 3310-1, ASTM E11, BS ISO 3310-1, TYLER screen scale
  • DIN ISO 3310-2, BS ISO 3310-2
  • DIN ISO 3310-3, ASTM E161
  • ISO 5223
  • EN 933-3
  • Standard
  • Cereals
  • Tobacco
  • Rod sieve
  • Wire mesh fabric, 20 µm to 125 mm
  • Round perforation from 1 mm  to 125 mm
  • Square perforation from 4 mm to 125 mm
  • Electroformed screen film from 5 µm to 500 µm
  • Wire mesh fabric from 50 mm to 450 mm
  • Round perforation from 200 mm to 450 mm
  • Square perforation from 200 mm to 450 mm
  • Electroformed screen from 76.2 mm to 200 mm
There is a suitable test sieve for every sieving task.
Frank General, Business Unit Manager Particle Analysis

Accessories for test sieves

For all test sieves Haver & Boecker offers a comprehensive range of accessories for quick dry and wet sieving.

Sieve cover

Sieve covers serve to protect the stored test sieve from dirt and dust. They are also used to store classified material in the individual test sieve or in the entire sieve tower. We offer sieve covers for all test sieves with stainless steel and wooden frames.

Sieve pan for dry and wet sieving

Sieve pans catch the underflow of the bulk material and thus the finest particles. For wet sieving, you need a sieve pan with a full useful height and an outlet with a drain hose. These are equipped with an inclined bottom up to a diameter of 203 mm; the larger sieve pans for wet sieving have a straight bottom.

Intermediate ring and intermediate pan

We offer intermediate rings and intermediate pans for all stainless steel test sieves. Intermediate rings are used to raise a sieve tower of less than three test sieves. In this way, it achieves the minimum height required for HAVER test sieve shaker. Intermediate pans allow you to have several sieves at the same time on one laboratory sieve shaker.

Sieve holder

You can easily mount the sieve holder in the space-saving design in many variants. It allows gentle and well-arranged storage of up to five test sieves with 200 mm or 203 mm diameter. Thanks to individual labelling fields, you know at a glance which test sieve it is

HAVER Drip-off Weight Test Set

The HAVER Drip-off Weight Test Set is used for testing products from the fish and meat industry as well as for canned fruit and vegetables. The tilting device can be fixed to a maximum tilt angle of 20° after input of the draining material. In addition, the Drip-off Weight Test Set includes a test sieve with a mesh size of 2.80 mm, an intermediate pan and a sieve pan with outlet.

You avoid particles getting stuck between the sieve cloth and the clamping ring of the test sieve by additionally opting for additional pasted seam above and below the sieve cloth.

Normally, all HAVER test sieves with stainless steel frames are equipped with a sealing ring made of PVC, which is temperature resistant up to approx. 130°C. On request, we can also equip your test sieve with a VITON sealing ring. We recommend this for an ambient temperature of -15°C to +200°C.

Rubber balls and rubber cubes belong to the screening aids. They are placed on the test sieve, clean the meshes during sieving, destroy agglomerates and lead to an acceleration of the sieving process.

The deaeration ring prevent the formation of air pockets underneath the sieves during wet sieving, which prevent the liquid from draining off. The venting rings are available for the common sieve diameters.

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