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HAVER cones

To determine the absorption capacity

The absorption capacity of granular material is an important quality benchmark in some industries and special application areas. For example, binding agents for use in road maintenance and winter services, or even pet litter, must absorb a minimum amount of liquid. You can determine this absorption capacity exactly with the HAVER cones using the so-called Westinghouse method.

The method

  1. First weigh the empty cone,  fill it with the material and weigh it again to determine the exact weight of the dry material.
  2. Then immerse the filled cone in demineralised water for 20 minutes and let it drain for 30 minutes.
  3. Now you can determine how much liquid your material can absorb with a final weighing.


The HAVER cones are equipped with a directional stainless steel wire (diameter 3 mm), which you can guide through holes made in the rim. This allows you to place HAVER fabric cones on the rim of a beaker for immersion in the demineralised water.

Standardised and customised

First and foremost, the HAVER fabric cone is used as a standard-compliant aid for determining the absorption capacity of binders for road operations and of pet litter.

  • Conforms to the European standard DIN SPEC 1155 - DIN CEN/TS 15366 = products for road maintenance and winter service / binders for use on roads
  • Conforms to the French standard NF V 19-002 = pet litter / determination of absorption capacity and water holding capacity.

Technical data

Diameter 70 mm 100 mm
Height 75 mm 105 mm
Stainless steel metal wire mesh w: 0.355 mm and d: 0.224 mm w: 0.355 mm and d: 0.224 mm
w: 0.250 mm and d: 0.160 mm w: 0.250 mm and d: 0.160 mm
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