Sieve analysis
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Successful sieve analysis with reliable components

In numerous industrial manufacturing and processing procedures, only careful material analysis creates the prerequisite for the best results. For this purpose, Haver & Boecker supplies you with innovative particle analysis systems that always set new standards in terms of function, precision and reliability and guarantee the highest investment security.

With over 130 years of experience in wire mesh technology, Haver & Boecker is today one of the most important international manufacturers of wire mesh. We manufacture test sieves from our test sieve mesh fabric that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Standard-compliant test sieves are prescribed just like test sieve shaker for a conventional sieve analysis of bulk material.

For such a complex system as sieve analysis to deliver the best results, all components must be precisely coordinated. That's why Haver & Boecker is your one-stop shop:

  • A wide variety of test sieves
  • Test sieve shaker including all accessories
  • The right evaluation software

Our products at a glance:

Our solutions for your test sieving:

  • Test sieves in all sizes and variants
  • Test sieve shaker for the analysis of bulk material from 3 kg to 20 kg
  •  Simple and precise evaluation using the PC-supported HAVER CSA evaluation software.
  • Cleaning of test sieves up to 500 mm 

Reliable and very accurate

Reliable results are the be-all and end-all of sieve analysis. No matter which sieving method you use, you can always rely on the precision of HAVER test sieves. Our test sieves are suitable for the following processes:

  • Horizontal sieving
  • Three-dimensional sieving
  • Dry and wet sieving
  • Air jet sieving
  • Hand sieving

Representative material samples

As soon as you have the representative material samples and the corresponding test sieves have been determined, you can start the analysis with the test sieve shaker. To ensure that your sieving results are available quickly and are optimally reproducible, Haver & Boecker test sieve shaker generate a three-dimensional sieving motion.

We offer a wide range of test sieve shakers and systems for different areas of application, which can be precisely matched to the specific requirements.

Evaluation in the shortest possible time

The Haver CSA evaluation software enables you to perform PC-supported evaluation of standard-compliant sieve analyses. In this way, you can have your analysis precisely evaluated in a short time, document it for quality assurance and prepare it graphically. Using a HAVER scanning system for the test sieves, the data is read in quickly and easily. 

Clean test sieves are a prerequisite

Clean test sieves are a key requirement for perfect sieving results. Our sieve cleaning devices guarantee thorough, energy-saving and fast cleaning, gently removing even the finest particles from your test sieve. 

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