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Dynamic image analysis (DIA) in the production process

Particle size and shape analysis with HAVER CPA online measuring devices

The integration possibilities of the HAVER CPA Online in production processes as a testing, monitoring or regulating element are very versatile. Incoming inspection, production control and process monitoring are the common application scenarios in which a HAVER CPA online unit is used for particle size and particle shape analysis.

Versatile application possibilities

Our CPA online measuring devices are ideally suited for the analysis of:

  • blasting abrasives
  • fertiliser
  • sand
  • foods such as salt and sugar

Our laboratory solutions are suitable for use in research and development .


An online solution offers you two decisive advantages in an ongoing production process:

  1. Regular sample analysis without interrupting production
  2. Resistance to heat or cold, dust and moisture

The heart of our online measuring devices: HAVER CPA technology

The HAVER CPA technology (CPA: Computerised Particle Analysis) is the optimal basis for simultaneously flexible and reliable solutions in the field of computer-assisted online particle analysis. The modules of an online particle analyser are compactly designed and can therefore be integrated almost anywhere. Retrofitting into existing processes is also always possible. In addition, distances of up to 100 m are possible as standard for the connection from a PC system to the measuring instrument.

The modules are available with various IP protection classes and, if required, also offer adapted protection at extreme temperatures and difficult ambient conditions. Adaptation for almost any application is possible.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Installation of the HAVER CPA Online in a running production process
  • Online particle analysers are flexible and can be integrated almost anywhere, even retroactively
  • For existing processes, there is immediate added value due to the disproportionately larger database
  • Various IP protection classes are available for the modules
  • Integrated, precisely customisable evaluation tools when using the CpaServ software
  • No process control system or DCS integration required

After the analysis is before the evaluation

The HAVER CpaServ evaluation software

The software offers a wide range of integrated evaluation tools, and data communication with external systems is also part of the package. Together with the also possible direct control of a possibly already existing sampling system, the HAVER CPA Online can even be operated as a largely independent system. In this case, integration into a DCS is also not necessary.

Screenshot of a HAVER CpaServ software interface Screenshot of a HAVER CpaServ software interface Screenshot of a HAVER CpaServ software interface
HAVER CpaServ The software for your HAVER CPA systems

This is how our real-time monitoring works:

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